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“Wolf Mother” is the obligatory Mother’s Day episode, as Annie’s need for recognition compels her to make some weird decisions.

This recap of Duncanville season 1, episode 10, “Wolf Mother”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Duncanville Episode 10 is the obligatory Mother’s Day episode, so the focus is naturally on Annie (Amy Poehler), but also, somewhat surprisingly, Duncan’s (also Poehler) primitive friend Wolf (Zach Cherry). “Wolf Mother” divides the cast up into some interesting compositions, and it makes for a decent enough themed episode.

It all begins with Jack (Ty Burrell) being stupid, obviously, getting the entire family dressed up for a Mother’s Day surprise that turns out to be paintballing rather than a fancy Italian meal. Annie is naturally disappointed and borderline distraught when everyone abandons her to be ruthlessly pelted.

On the way home, though, she runs into Wolf, who can apparently communicate with wolves, and who also cleans himself in a car wash and sleeps in a tree. His mother is away with her boyfriend, so since he’s nice to Annie when she suggests he remove the foil from a hot dog before eating it, she decides to take him home and make a fuss of him.

This is a nightmare for Kimberly (Riki Lindhome) since one of the show’s running gags is that she has a major crush on Wolf, and one of the best gags of “Wolf Mother” is that she comes down for breakfast dressed like she’s going to prom. But Duncanville Episode 10 instead partners her up with Jack for the most of the episode, as they set out to find Annie a better gift while Annie takes Wolf, Duncan, and Jing (Joy Osmanski) out for some life lessons.

The lessons go well enough. Wolf gets a makeover and is introduced to church, where he extolls Annie’s saintly virtues, making her a minor celebrity among the congregation. Jack and Kimberly, meanwhile, investigate Annie’s office to learn that she is particularly fond of a flower that only blooms on a dangerous local peak. You can probably see where this is going.

Indeed, that’s where things go. Jack and Kimberly end up wedged in a ravine just as Annie is nominated for a weekly good samaritan award alongside Duncan’s other friend Bex (Betsy Sodaro), who was nominated for reviving her grandmother despite her DNR, and Mr. Mitch’s (Wiz Khalifa) dog, Mavis. Before she can accept the award she heads off to save her husband and daughter, which is probably just as well since she didn’t win anyway.

It’s good news for Duncan, who was annoyed that Annie was changing his coolest friend, since the only way to rescue Jack and Kimberly is to show Wolf a picture of the full moon so that he can revert to his feral ways and track them. Annie’s reaction to his transformation makes for a pretty good gag. It’s also good news for Kimberly since once Wolf has rescued her he carries her down the mountain on his back, using a skull as a conch to summon help for Jack. He’s airlifted away by Lance, a fireman from Annie’s calendar, in a scene that I like to think is a send-up of this video that I absolutely didn’t laugh at, promise.

Anyway, Duncanville Season 1, Episode 10, a respectable enough outing, ends with Annie getting both her swanky Italian meal and her paintball revenge. Happy Mother’s Day.

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