Fix You episode 5 recap and breakdown Exercise will help.



Fix You episode 5 provides more background to Lee Si Joon in an emotionally charged chapter.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 5 begin?

Fix You episode 5 sees Lee Si Joon having a long way to go to help Han Woo Joo and we find out a little bit about his life. It begins with Han Woo Joo telling Lee Si Joon that she’s not sick, she just has a terrible temper and that he’s a workaholic — this is clearly her deflecting. Lee Si Joon updates Han Woo Joo’s ex psychiatrist and says it will take time to convince her.

Who is Lee So Joon’s new patient?

Sung Min Ho; a new patient that came to surgery with extreme stomach ache by eating a house worth of paper. Lee Si Joon catches him about to eat paper but then his father shouts at him and calls him a “worthless punk”. He’s evidently an extremely anxious person. Lee Si Joon suggests his anxiety is linked to eating paper caused by the fear of his father. I’m sure they will flesh this out in future episodes.

Rejected for work.

Han Woo Joo is still getting rejected for acting work after the events at the award show. She works at a cafe nearby and Lee Si Joon happens to eat there with his colleagues. Some customers come late into the restaurant and raise how embarrassing it is that she shows herself in public after what happened. She gets really angry and approaches the customer and hurts him.

Lee Si Joon gives Han Woo Joo more advice on her anger.

Lee Si Joon has a drink with Han Woo Joo and tells her she can come to the hospital at any time. When Han Woo Joo gets home she opens a letter from Lee Si Joon that tells her to do some exercise at night — she tries it and it seems to work.

How does Fix You episode 5 end?

While driving home, Lee Si Joon sees his father running randomly. His father asks him if he is his son suggesting he has some kind of disease like dementia. He tells his father’s doctor that he recognized him and apologizes that he escaped. When he sees his father again he doesn’t recognize him — Lee Si Joon plays along. His father then says his son has half his skills and is a psychiatrist. It turns out he is a doctor too — a great one. Lee Si Joon is clearly emotional and stressed. This is possibly why he’s a workaholic.

Fix You episode 5 provides more background to Lee Si Joon in an emotionally charged chapter.

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