The State Of The (Comic Book) Nation

May 14, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

So as things seem to be easing off for the world under COVID, the comic book industry, an industry that disappeared due to the crisis, is trying to get its engines restarted and we can see the beginning of the return.

The big news is that Diamond Distribution looks set to start work again on May 20th, and that means that publishers may be able to get books out to what is left of the comic book shops around the globe.

There have been a few titles dribbled online by some companies, but they were literally a drop in the ocean, and the truth of the matter is, nothing of any great note was released. The big hitters like Batman and Spider-Man’s main titles have lain dormant, although you get some reprinted material and a few throwaway books that very few people, except the loyal fans, would have purchased.

However, we have dates now, and Marvel Comics will be shipped for May 27th, and DC, who decided not to relax in the downtime, decided to use alternative distribution companies to try and keep the machine rolling.

Oddly this has led to a controversial decision to allow new comic books to be sold on a Tuesday as opposed to the conventional Wednesday.

Why this has seemingly split fandom is a mystery. Let the shops sell when they can, don’t you think they have suffered enough?

I understand that it’s always nice to have a day when you can get all your stuff, but it’s too late now to worry about this, as DC has taken the reigns and thrown caution to the wind.

The question now will be, shall other companies follow suit?

Marvel will certainly not like DC titles released a day in advance of their books, so will they follow suit?

What about the indies? Will they follow suit or decide their day will now be a Friday?

On the plus side, will it eventually mean that regular comic shop customers will now go to their shop more often, offering shop owners more chances to sell? Maybe it will be for the best if the new release days are staggered?

Time will tell.

In the interim, might be an idea to check online with your local shop and see when their business is reopening.

In the States, it seems shops are already planning their re-opening day, in the UK it’s not so clear, so if books are being shipped by the end of the Month, even though your shop may be closed, they could still be in a position to post your pull list out, so get in touch and help get these guys back on their feet as quick as possible.

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