Inhuman Resources season 1, episode 3 recap – taking charge the negotiator



Alain takes matters into his own hands in Inhuman Resources Episode 3, a well-paced, tightly-constructed affair.

This recap of Inhuman Resources Season 1, Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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And on we go. Inhuman Resources Episode 3 finds Alain still with a bee in his bonnet but a bit unsure of how he wants to proceed, as we begin to get a sense of the geography of the staged event – observation monitors and such, all classic genre staples. Meanwhile, we see the strain of Alain’s situation ripple through his family, as Mathilde worries about his ability to pay them back, and Nicole is forced to insist that her husband is someone who can be counted on. But is he?

Things get underway here, as we’re of course introduced to the uncertainty of what we’re seeing; Alexandre is “shot” and then turns up perfectly well in the surveillance room. This is classic stuff, sowing seeds of doubt in the mind of the audience about what – let alone who – is to be trusted. I don’t think I’ve said this until now, but this is such a great idea for a TV show.

As the hostage situation unfolds we’re introduced to a more intriguing wrinkle – a real one, as Alain brandishes a gun at Alexandre, Bertrand, and Constance and announces he is taking charge of the situation. They are suddenly the hostages, and Alain isn’t playing. He isn’t testing company loyalty but moral uprightness, demanding to know quite how far the company’s misdeeds stretch. Alain kicking in Bertrand is the working man kicking the exploitative upper-crust exec; him shooting Fontana in the leg is anti-corporatist Cantona. But it’s obviously a bit far.

You can’t have a hostage situation without a police presence and a negotiator, and Inhuman Resources Episode 3 provides both. The negotiator is Patrice, who questions Cousin, an escapee, and then calls up Alain to ask what he wants as one of the hostages spies a sniper taking position in an adjoining building. Classic stuff. Alain’s humble demands are kind of pathetic – all this just for a job? But you know how Cantona gets.

Inhuman Resources works from a familiar genre playbook here. Nicole gets on the phone. Patrice emphasizes to Lucie, also Alain’s lawyer by the way, that his job is to try and get Alain out alive but only after the safety of the hostages has been guaranteed. What’s odd is that this situation isn’t really extended beyond the episode. Much like how Alain spent a whole episode accumulating background information on the candidates only for it to never really be used, here he takes over the hostage situation only to be arrested and taken away without much fuss.

Obviously, the implications going forwards are what matters, and that’s where we’ll pick things up. As far as tension-building is concerned, though, Inhuman Resources Episode 3 does a damn fine job of raising the stakes here in a pacey, lean chapter.

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