The Big Flower Fight season 1 review – a familiar concept but with flowers We kind of wanted cake instead.



The Big Flower Fight feels like a drag on a competitive format already seen over and over again.

Netflix series The Big Flower Fight season 1 came out on the platform on May 18, 2020 — this review contains no spoilers regarding winners or losers.

I do hate to sound like a grinch when it comes to matters like this, but is this it now? Is the Bake Off concept going to get rehashed over and over again until we exhaust it so much we end up with a scenario where every non-sporting talent becomes an unoriginal reality show? To be fair, Next in Fashion deserved its fans, but I’m not entirely sure about The Big Flower Fight. 

The format and the process of each episode are the same but it’s almost like the hosts were trying to find the dramas rather than the dramas come to them. In the opening episode, each pair of contestants has to “fight” over their choices of plants and the Netflix series tries to tell the viewers that there could be tension. There are plenty of plants. The Big Flower Fight felt anti-climatic — there was no rush or panic. Of course in the later episodes, there is, but it does not feel as important as a highly formulated cake.

And maybe that is the problem. Bake Off surges our imagination as we imagine our taste buds taking over; in Next in Fashion, we find ourselves on a knife-edge as a dress is tried on by a random model for the first time — it makes us feel human in some way that failure is imminent. I’m not a baker or a fashion expert but I felt engaged by the events occurring — The Big Flower Fight feels like the concept has been stretched too far.

And if you are a gardening enthusiast, then I’ll only assume you’ll get more out of this Netflix series than me. Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight season 1 feels like a drag on a competitive format already seen over and over again.

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