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May 20, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

Since the virus, the comic book industry collapsed in on itself, with no distribution, pencils down and shops shut, but there is a glimmer of light today with a small selection of new printed comics getting out to the shops.

DC imprint Hillhouse Comics, under the watchful eye of Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, brings The Dollhouse Family to a conclusion with issue #6. The horror titles have varied in quality, but it might be a better read in trade. The Plunge issue #3 also hits what few shelves there are, and is written by Hill too. Wonder Woman continues with issue #755 by Steve Orlando. Red Hood and The Outlaws #45 trundles along and there’s the 3rd print of Year of the Villain #3 with the second cameo appearance of Punchline. DCeased Unkillables issue #3 is the conclusion of this mini-series, and follows some of the DC villains and what they did during the DC zombie apocalypse. Jimmy Olsen #10 is also out, and still has two issues to go before we get to the conclusion of the mystery. The Flash has a 100-page Walmart special out, with a new story and lots of reprints. Gotham High is also out, but I’m not going to talk about it.

Year Zero #1, from AWA, with Axel Alonso at the wheel, is a zombie apocalypse story from this new company. Alonso had parted company with Marvel, and couldn’t have picked a worse time to start a new comic book line, but Year Zero looks set to fill a gap left by The Walking Dead, that unexpectedly concluded last year.

Disaster Inc #1 from AfterShock is out, and you can check my advanced preview of this title elsewhere on the site.
Ghosted In LA from Boom Comics reaches issue #10 of the spooky series set in Rycroft Manor.

Clone Wars #1 is also out from IDW and looks set to be a 5 issue mini-series designed for younger readers.

The Goon issue #10 is also available if you are lucky enough to be near an open shop. Eric Powell’s Eisner-esque storytelling is usually a safe bet.

Weird comedy book The Ludocrats #1 seems to be living up to its title, and I hope I won’t be saying the same thing about Cat S**t One from Antarctic Press, a Vietnam war title, in black and white, with animals instead of people.

Dark Horse has a reprint of Bang issue #1 out in case you missed this hot title.

That’s pretty much it, but since my LCS in Scotland is closed, I can’t actually review these titles in print, but at least there has been new stuff printed that should give the industry some glimmer of hope.

Comixology must be loving this.

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