New Marvel Release Schedule

May 21, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

So after a bit of a silence that was more unsettling than mysterious, Marvel has released details of the forthcoming books in print and digital form. Look forward to a small smattering of new comics on May 27th with Spider-Man #43, Avengers #33, Marauders #10, Doctor Aphra #1, and Venom #25 all part of the new Marvel release schedule.

Catching up with their titles continues on June 10th when you can expect Black Cat #10, Daredevil #20, Deadpool #5, Excalibur #10, Miles Morales #17, and New Mutants #10.

June 24th will bring us 2020 Rescue #2, Captain America: Marvels Snapshot #1, Empyre #0, Immortal Hulk #34, Iron Man 2020 #4, Spider-Ham #5, Star Wars Bounty Hunters #3, and Thor #5.

By July 8th, look for Black Panther: Agents of Wakanda #8, Dr. Strange #5, Empyre #0, FF Ghost Rider #7, Marvels X #4, Strange Academy #2 and X Force #10.

The in-between weeks will see a slew of trade paperbacks and omnibuses.

A statement from Marvel: “Over the next few weeks, Marvel will keep a balanced release schedule for its comics and trade collections as the industry continues to restart distribution and comic shops begin to reopen and adapt to current social distancing policies. Stay tuned for more information as Marvel continues to release new comics in the most thoughtful way we can for fans, creators, and the industry during these unpredictable times.”

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