Fix You episode 10 recap and breakdown

May 21, 2020
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Fix You episode 10 provides a brief breakthrough in an emotional chapter.

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Fix You episode 10 provides a brief breakthrough in an emotional chapter.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 10 begin?

It begins with Lee Si Joon jogging through the woods. He reaches the hospital and tells Ji Young Won that Han Woo Joo jumped in front of his car just like the last person he dealt with who had BPD — he doesn’t think he’s ready yet and asks if she can go see her. Episode 10 slightly hints that Lee Si Joon will face his demons eventually but he’s fully transparent about how he is suffering with them

Ru Oh escapes, briefly.

When Lee Si Joon receives an update from the Human Rights Clinic, the officer tells him that the informant revealed that Lee Ji Soon confessed everything. Meanwhile, Ru Oh asks for Lee Si Joon while in In Dong Hyuk’s office. He starts having delusions and runs out of the office and starts screaming for Lee Si Joon — the security guards taser him to the floor. Meanwhile, Han Woo Joo is sobbing to Ji Young Won about Lee Si Joon. She thinks everyone who gets close to her, leaves. She explains that Lee Si Joon made her realise she can help other people and she was grateful.

Lee Si Joon has a small breakdown. 

Lee Si Joon learns of Park Ru Oh’s incident and he’s evidently upset. He enters a side room and screams into a pillow, furious that Ru Oh was tased. The doctors discuss telling Ru Oh’s guardians about the taser. In Dong Hyuk is told to let Ru Oh leave.

The nursing home calls.

Lee Si Joon has to remove his father from an operating room at the hospital. His father raises that he’s dissatisfied with his son being a psychiatrist and they furiously argue; Han Woo Joo sees all this from a distance. Lee Si Joon tells the director that his father reported him to the Human Rights Clinic; he confided with him about Ru Oh — he was completely normal when listening to Lee Si Joon that day: “He hates that I became a psychiatrist”.

How does Fix You episode 10 end?

Lee Si Joon and Han Woo Joo talk rationally to each other, finally. Han Woo Joo says she isn’t angry at him for taking her off the theatrical therapy and that she’s grateful for the help — she wants to repay for everything she has received. Lee Si Joon accepts. She turns on a stereo nearby and performs a dance. Lee Si Joon smiles — flashbacks show that Han Woo Joo wants to give back consolation. Han Woo Joon tells Lee Si Joon that he’s in pain, which is why he likes helping other people in pain. She puts her hand out and he holds it and smiles. Fix You episode 10 provides a brief breakthrough in an emotional chapter.

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