Fix You episode 11 recap and breakdown

May 22, 2020
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Fix You episode 11 is all over the place, losing its momentum in the story.

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Fix You episode 11 is all over the place, losing its momentum in the story.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 11 open?

Episode 11 starts with Lee Si Joon running again — he loves a good run. The scene then flits to Lee Si Joon and Han Woo Joo holding hands and Lee Si Joon is narrating about psychogenic diseases. His father is listening to his son’s podcast. Lee Si Joon expands that there is only one way to cure a psychogenic disease — confronting your fears. He breathes into a plastic bag and cries. This was a heart-sinking scene seeing the doctor struggle.


Han Woo Joo admits to Ji Young Won that she has feelings for Lee Si Joon but she’s never been in love before and she misses him every day. Ji Young Won tells her that when you feel abandoned you lean on someone. Han Woo Joo asks what if it’s real and is she allowed to like him. Fix You episode 11 opens up a possibility for romance here and you can tell Ji Young Won is a little worried.

Ru oh is leaving

Ru Oh tells Lee Si Joon he is getting discharged and his mother is picking him up. Lee Si Joon wants to go on a walk with Ru Oh to say his farewells — In Dong Hyuk tells the ward nurse that it is fine. Lee Si Joon tells Ru Oh that some sounds are real and some sounds are fake as a reminder before he leaves. Meanwhile, Ji Young Won raises her concerns about Han Woo Joo’s feelings for Lee Si Joon to In Dong Hyuk over drinks. She’s emotional and feeling guilty because she knew the last BPD patient had the disease and didn’t tell him. But on another note, it was nice to see Lee Si Joon say his goodbyes to Ru Oh.

Well, this took a strange turn.

Fix You episode 11 brings voyeurism into the equation with no warning whatsoever. In the train station a man inappropriately takes a photo of a woman and was uploading them to an illegal voyeur website — he’s the most famous cardiac surgeon in the country and it’s a scandal at the hospital. Nu ri, who caught the surgeon is given her first patient. Lee Si Joon speaks to one of the staff about the site Voy-Tur, the illegal site and he knows he’s a member — he explains it’s a mental illness. The colleague says he only looked a few times but Lee Si Joon points out he had a gold membership. Lee Si Joon takes photos of the colleague while in the bathroom to intrude on his privacy to prove a point.

The rest of the doctors talk to other staff members who have a membership to discuss the mental health issues and offering to treat voyeurism.

How does Fix You episode 11 end?

Han Woo Joo has started making eye contact with customers to increase sales and her friend isn’t happy with it, preferring that she yell and shout. I didn’t understand this if I’m honest — seems like an immature thing to have a go at someone about. Fix You episode 11 is all over the place, losing its momentum in the story.

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