Homecoming season 2, episode 1 recap – what happened in “People”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 22, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Amazon original series Homecoming season 2, episode 1 - People


Homecoming season 2, episode 1, “People” is an intriguing opener, which is expected from this series.

This recap of Amazon original series Homecoming season 2, episode 1, “People” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Homecoming season 2, episode 1, “people” open?

It was to be expected but episode 1 is induced in mystery and style just like its predecessor, introducing the audience to a new character that was not in season 1. It opens up with Jackie waking up on a canoe, shocked that she is in the middle of a lake. She sees a man in the distance and screams for help but he runs off. Jackie finally gets to land and walks down the roads in the dark. A female officer called Donna pulls over and checks if she is okay — Jackie is freaking out a little. The officer checks her ID and notices she is a veteran and offers to take her to see a doctor.

The hospital

At the hospital, the doctor does a quick exam and asks the routine questions. Jackie does not know anything — the doctor believes she is a drug addict looking to take advantage of the hospital. Jackie makes the decision to flee. A patient named Buddy in the hospital offers to give her a ride. She insists to Buddy that she’s not a junkie and somehow ended up on a boat. It’s evident that the lead character is intelligent and skilled despite not remembering anything and she’s trying to retrace her steps, asking Buddy to take her to “Skins” — a note she found in her jacket.


Skins is a karaoke bar. One of the staff named Kyle explains to Jackie that they told her to leave as she was causing a disturbance; apparently, Jackie came in with a friend arguing and drinking a lot. Jackie looks through receipts. She finds a receipt and some of the drinks and food were charged to a room so Jackie is determined to go to the room to find out who her friend is. The pair finally get in the room and no-one is in but there is a melon in the middle of the bed which is extremely odd.

How does Homecoming season 2, episode 1, “people” end?

She finds a pouch with vials inside labeled with “Geist” and there is a wad of hundred dollar bills. There’s also a credit card that says Alex Eastern but Jackie is not familiar with the name; she sees a photo of her and other soldiers and she still doesn’t remember — the faces of the soldiers are crossed out. In the bathroom, she realizes her tattoo washes off. Buddy knocks her to the floor and tells her he doesn’t want to be mixed up with this craziness and takes the money, leaving her in the room.

The episode ends with Leonard Geist picking up what looks likes a fruit on a farm — when he shuts the door, the music abruptly stops. Homecoming season 2, episode 1, “People” is an intriguing opener, which is expected from this series.

Additional notes
  • Jackie has a bird tattoo on her arm that says “Airborne”

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