Homecoming season 2, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Needle”?

May 22, 2020
Daniel Hart 1
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Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” is a simplistic but ideal penultimate chapter.

This recap of Amazon original series Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” open?

Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” is simply done, with a car journey speaking a thousand words. Episode 6 begins with Alex putting the melon and needles on to the bed in the motel. She practices what she’s going to say to Walter when she sees him and tests her needle stab on the melon. She fills the needle with juice.

Walter returns

Alex enters Walter’s house and checks out an evaluation report on the floor and then suddenly leaves. Alex rings security and warns them that Walter is about to intrude but then she sees him outside her motel room. Walter apologizes and offers to take her fishing; on the drive to the fishing lake, Walter asks a lot of questions about her life. In the car journey, Alex contemplates stabbing him with the needle — Walter asks her about her relationship and their desire for children; Alex says that her partner worries about every risk but she’s the opposite. It’s evident that Walter is asking a lot of questions that are intrusive — it is clear to the viewer that she’s in trouble.

You told me you got a bus

Walter asks Alex what if it’s the baby Audrey isn’t sure about and implies it may be her that’s the problem as Episode 6 turns more sinister. Walter brings up Holman again and that she said meters — “Snipers say yards, not meters”. Alex states it was just a mistake and Walter said he thought the same thing but then saw her get into the fancy car — “You told me you got a bus”. Walter explains he followed her to the shop and then he saw her go inside his house. Alex runs away and Walter chases after her through the woods.

How does Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” end?

Walter asks her to calm down and wants to know what happened. Alex says he was right about Geist and they were nervous about what happened to him and his treatment. She tries stabbing Walter with the juice but he grabs her arm and injects it into her. In shock, Alex climbs into the canoe and sails off. Alex rings Audrey and tells her she f***ed up and that he knows. Homecoming season 2, episode 6, “Needle” is a simplistic but ideal penultimate chapter.

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1 thought on “Homecoming season 2, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Needle”?

  • July 25, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    I’m really confused by one thing from this whole season.

    Can someone explain how Alex’s car ended up at the lake where Walter injects her at the end?

    She and her car were previously at the Motel, he picks her up and takes her fishing. Her car key falls out of her pocket when she reaches for the needle, but the car was already parked up when they arrived at the lake (the same car she gets into when she wakes up in episode 1 – or is it?). Did I miss a crucial plot explanation there as I can’t find anyone else talking about this!

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