Homecoming season 2, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

May 22, 2020
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Homecoming season 2, episode 7, “Again” rounds off the story nicely and a third season isn’t necessary.

This recap of Amazon original series Homecoming season 2, episode 7, “Again” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Homecoming season 2, episode 7, “Again” open?

Episode 7 ends the story and it would be surprising if they attempt a third season. We are at the start of season 2 with Alex in the canoe but it’s from a different perspective. Walter picks up the needle and Alex calls after him asking for help but he runs away. Walter drives to Geist and Leonard sees him. Scenes are repeated from episode 1; Audrey asks Leonard why he’s giving the speech at the launch party, Alex infiltrates the Geist building, Leonard starts his speech and Audrey sees Alex and kisses her but Alex doesn’t recognize her.

Alex asks Audrey why she keeps calling her Alex; Audrey explains that their cat is called Jackie. Alex asks her a series of questions — one of the investors talks about memory defects which irks Alex and Audrey drags her away. Meanwhile, Leonard realizes that Walter is one of the soldiers from the treatment project and invites him inside his house to talk. Leonard gives Walter his file.

Audrey tries to explain

Audrey explains to Alex what happened — Alex asks why she had a fake tattoo and ID and that she feels like she did something. Audrey explains to Alex about their relationship and protecting each other. It’s a strange scene where Alex, usually the manipulator, doesn’t understand the actions of her former self — it’s alien to her.

Call to action

Walter reads the file and asks Leonard if they can fix it. Leonard says they can’t. Walter tells him to finish the job; he starts listing the timeline in his life and that he remembers many things but when it reaches his service and coming home, he doesn’t remember and it’s caused a huge hole in his life. Leonard tells Walter the company is going to do it again and that he’s too old to fight it. Walter says he is not old, he just has a sh***y attitude.


Francine gives a speech to the company about Audrey and confirms she is the partner of the project. Alex sees Walter as a server — he arranged the drinks for the speech. Everyone at the launch party starts drinking the liquid that Walter has served. Alex watches Audrey drink the juice; people at the party begin to collapse. Audrey looks up to the top floor and sees Leonard saluting to her — she’s realized what has happened. Audrey asks Alex if it’s going to hurt before sitting down. She laughs at Alex and says they should have just gone back to bed and that Olive is a pretty name for the baby.

How does Homecoming season 2, episode 7, “Again” end?

Francine asks Leonard how much time she has and that her daughter is getting married next week and she’s supposed to be giving her away. Leonard confirms he is going to rip up the farm — Francine says she had big ideas for these solutions and that Leonard is stubborn — he agrees but he states there’s only one way of seeing this. Walter walks through the party and tells Alex to leave. She says she will but that she knows what it is like to wake up like that, “alone”. Homecoming season 2, episode 7, “Again” rounds off the story nicely and a third season isn’t necessary.

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