Justice League and the Snyder Cut

May 24, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

I must admit, I was excited by the news of a Justice League movie three years ago. I fell into the category of comic book fan that still enjoys seeing the characters they loved and grew up with, being realized on the big screen, despite the end results.

Sure, a lot of the time I was disappointed,  but I am lucky enough to be of an age where I can remember seeing Christopher Reeve on the big screen convincing me a man could fly, Michael Keaton fighting Jack Nicholson in a Gothic belfry in the dark, and Tobey Maguire, swinging through the streets of New York. That last one still makes me feel like a kid reading Lee and Ditko.

Marvel has had a good run. Plenty of hits, quite a few misses, and movies that made the companies involved billions of dollars.

DC has had it rough. Tonally all over the place, terrible history of production headaches, and no consistency that could support a shared universe.

But still, I looked forward to Justice League. However, no matter how you carve it up, the film is a mess. Terrible CGI, awkward and misconceived characters. A tragic and heartbreaking turn of events that led to the director leaving the project, and studio interference that lead to a film that tried to emulate Marvel, instead of striking out in their own direction and compromising with a loose and lazy narrative that is bogged down in a swamp of competing ideas that deliver very little of consequence.

I was downhearted about this film, and so were a lot of people.

However, the recent campaign to release the Snyder Cut has gained so much traction that it seems that a director’s cut is imminent, and HBO may be the ones to air it.

The decision to release a director’s cut of this film seems to have caused some petty misgivings online, but as far as I am concerned I welcome the news.

Justice League did have potential, but behind the scenes, situations meant the finished product was terribly flawed, but there’s now a chance for us to get a more coherent version of the movie. What’s not to like?

In 2021, we might get a 4-hour version, or even more likely, a TV “series” made up of four or six episodes. Snyder will be completely on board to oversee and finish the cut, and it does sound as if there will be new and unseen material available.

In a world where there have been no new blockbuster movies released, I welcome the opportunity to rewatch Justice League. Sure there’s  a good chance it might still suck, but as a fan, I still want to see those characters together on screen, just one more time

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