King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 recap and breakdown

May 24, 2020
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King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 is a dramatic second chapter; plenty of violence and food for thought as the story moves with pace.

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King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 is a dramatic second chapter; plenty of violence and food for thought as the story moves with pace.

This recap of K-Drama series King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 open?

Wow, a lot happens in Episode 2. It begins with Choi Cheon Joong telling Hwang Bong Ryun that he couldn’t forget her and asks how she is. She’s not in the mood to talk so he chases after — “Are you not glad to see me?”. They are then surrounded because Hwang Bong Ryun is the princess. Meanwhile, Kim Byeong Woon promises to delay the taxation ship and that it’s better that they appease with Choi Gyeong — it’s noted that his son is not married yet.

Face reading

In a face reading with Kim Byeong Woon, Choi Cheon Joong is told that in the future he will be in a higher position and his soul mate is nearby which irks a few men in the rule. A friend of Choi Gyeong comes in the room and rips up the reading — he tells Choi Cheon Joong that he is indeed a black dragon but he will fall after a failure and he will also fail to get his soul mate — apparently, soon, he will have a big decision to make. Choi Cheon Joong dismisses it all as trivial knowledge.

The letter and meet-up

King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 sees Choi Cheon Joong and Hwang Bong Ryun get close again, but briefly — they are both sensing danger. Choi Cheon Joong gets a letter from Hwang Bong Ryun and she asks to meet — she tells him if she tells him why she was on the taxation ship, will he help her. She claims there will be a huge catastrophe soon and she can only trust him. Choi Cheon Joong agrees to help. In the next scene, In Gyoo beats up the face reader and asks for a real reading.

Choi Cheon Joong asks Hwang Bong Ryun why she doesn’t use her abilities to understand the catastrophe coming — she says she can only see one person at present, Min Ja Young (Queen Myeong Seong later — King Go Jong’s wife). The fireflies arrive and Choi Cheon Joong says “you must be my real Bong Ryun”. She quickly departs after they touch hands. In Gyoo gets his reading — Sook Sal Ji Gi (Aura of killing in cold blood), the face reader tells In Gyoo that since he disregards life so easily, he needs to be careful. In Gyoo kills him. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 reveals a cold-blooded killer.

Proposal for marriage

Choi Cheon Joong’s father tells his son that the Jangdong Kim clan is urging that he marries the princess. He says it’s obvious that they are doing this due to the tax ship, so he asks him to go away with the monk of nature for a few years and cultivate. He predicts that when the tax ship is sent off, an even greater calamity will occur. Choi Cheon Joong says he does not want to leave and stay hidden; he confesses to promising to help the princess.

Agreement of marriage and the tax ship

The wedding between Choi Cheon Joong and the princes is agreed upon. Choi Gyeong is then told by Kim Byeong Woon the tax ship shall be delayed — he accepts. The royal celebrations begin. Choi Cheon Joong sends out guards so no-one can infiltrate the tax ship. Kim Byeong Woon learns about the ship’s new security — he tells one of his men to plant the hidden explosives at a time of confusion; he’s ready for violence. Kim Byeong Woon then tells Hwang Bong Ryun that he knows she met Choi Cheon Joong but if she does anything to endanger the clan, she will be dealt with. Choi Cheon Joong learns of the explosives on the taxation ship. Someone fires an arrow that is on fire at the ship. Choi Cheon Joong asks the man who sent it — before he can answer, the man kills himself.

The ship leaves

Choi Gyeong is happy that the ship can now sail to Hanyang without delay. It’s the royal celebrations with Choi Cheon Joong and Hwang Bong Ryun getting married — but before the ceremony commences, the taxation ship blows up in the distance. Choi Gyeong asks all soldiers to gather at the dock. Hwang Bong Ryun confirms she saw this in her dream.

Choi Gyeong is then arrested for planting the explosions and for treason and sent to the capital — it’s a complete setup. Choi Cheon Joong accuses Kim Byeong Woon of planning this from the start — Choi Cheon Joong is then arrested. In Gyoo tells Kim Byeong Woon that if the magistrate remains alive they will figure out that he blew up the tax ship and he’s willing to get dirty to protect the minister. Choi Gyeong somehow escapes and In Gyoo tells the guards to find him.

A witness

Choi Cheon Joong meets Hwang Bong Ryun and she says she will be a witness for the tax ship. She also tells him she now appreciates the status of a princess so she can see him. Choi Cheon Joong raises how Kim Byeong Woon loaded the explosives and how the princess is a witness. In a twist Hwang Bong Ryun says in front of Kim Byeong Woon that Choi Gyeong loaded the explosives, derailing Choi Cheon Joong’s account. Choi Cheon Joong looks shocked and he is arrested — he tries to fight for freedom.

We rebel

Some groups in the town are annoyed at Choi Gyeong’s treatment and they free him from his cage. Choi Cheon Joong sees his father who tells him to go hiding and not seek revenge. In Gyoo turns up and stabs Choi Gyeong to death. Before he dies, he tells Choi Cheon Joong to forgive In Gyoo.

A plea for safety

Hwang Bong Ryun asks Kim Byeong Woon where her mother is — he tries to blackmail her and states if she tries to save Choi Cheon Joong then she will see her mother’s corpse. The princess begs the minister not to kill Choi Cheon Joong and that she will do anything. She sobs on the floor. Kim Byeong Woon makes Hwang Bong Ryun the property of his clan and burns a mark on her and does not offer assurances of her mother and Choi Cheon Joong’s safety.

How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 end?

Choi Cheon Joong is now in Hanyang. He helps a man nearby who is getting beaten up by the Jangdong Kim Clan — he knocks one of the men out and then fights the others. The locals clap. Hwang Bong Ryun sees fireflies — she knows Choi Cheon Joong is alive. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 2 is a dramatic second chapter; plenty of violence and food for thought as the story moves with pace.

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