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Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money” just shows what money and power can give to people in a haunting episode that expands the true horror of Epstein’s molestation network.

This recap of Netflix series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money” contains information regarding the chapter. Warning: this series contains details about sexual abuse.

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What’s the objective of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money”?

Ther’s plenty of discussion in episode 2, expanding on the victims’ statements in the previous chapter; it details the different types of victims, removal of evidence and suspicious takedown of the case by a US attorney. Episode 2 is frighteningly insightful into what happened when the money was followed and the cogs that needed to be fulfilled.

Some victims did not want to prosecute

As with many sexual assault cases, there are survivors that do not want to prosecute for many reasons and variables; this could be due to fear, embarrassment, or having feelings for their abuser. Episode 2 discusses how there were many different victims that came forward; some that were willing to provide a statement while others claimed they were in love with Epstein — it’s clear why this was a mountainous case to deal with.

The warrant

What was perhaps the most damning part of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money” is when the search warrant was placed on his estate, most of the evidence was clearly removed, meaning the man got a tip-off. Episode 2 shows how evidence still remained in the house but it was eery inside, showing paintings of naked young women and sinister-looking massage rooms.

The pyramid scheme

Episode 2 discusses at length the true extend of the pyramid scheme; the Netflix series discloses the horrifying scale of what Epstein had set up for himself to produce a molestation network for him to take advantage of. Every minor had a role to play in this extensive scheme but there was one person at the top next to him that Episode 2 brings up that’s even more haunting.

Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend

His partner was one of the key figures in his pyramid scheme. Episode 2 discusses how one woman was recruited by Epstein’s partner to massage Epstein and then subsequently return to be abused even more. Episode 2 hints that his partner’s past is what formed her to be complicit in this ring of abuse, demonstrating how environments can lead to undesirable actions. The Netflix series frames it in a way of sympathy, but it’s not easily bought.


What is clear in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money” is that Epstein was able to control and manipulate people. The second episode details how he wormed himself out of awkward confrontations with business associates with high-level salesmanship and the ability to control the conversation rather than be led down a hole of scrutiny. There are many regrets in this Netflix series, with some ex-colleagues and business relationships regretting keeping Epstein on, haunting them forever.

More victims

As episode 2 wares on, more victims are found and given to the FBI. In a damning interview with archival footage, Jeffrey Epstein is asked about minors and whether he was abused as one. He’s observantly awkward with the line of questioning and resorts to appealing amendments and his rights. It’s evident that he believed he had enough money to squirm his way out from a legal standpoint.

But what is even more shocking is when episode 2 reveals that there was 53-page indictment drawn up from victims crossing state lines but US attorney Alexandra Acosta shut the case down. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich episode 2, “Follow the Money” just shows what money and power can give to people.

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