Fix You episode 13 recap and breakdown

May 28, 2020
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Fix You episode 13 deals with everyone’s personal issues in a chapter less about the hospital and more about the characters.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 13 open?

It begins with Lee Si Joon giving Han Woo Joo a bracelet and then she hugs him from behind. She thanks him for the present but Lee Si Joon denies it’s a gift and more as a bandage for her scarred wrist. Han Woo Joo looks unfazed and thanks him again — the doctor runs off embarrassed. Meanwhile, In Dong Hyuk, once again, hints that he likes Ji Young Won. Lee Si Joon meets Ji Young Won — he tells the doctor that Han Woo Joo is developing a transference for him. Ji Young Won tells him to act natural and that he shouldn’t be setting boundaries. Fix You episode 13 sees Lee Si Joon struggle with his close engagement with Han Woo Joo.

New patient

In the hospital, Lee Si Joon meets congressman Koh Sang Mo who is a patient. He has a tic that has returned after many years. He wants it fixing before the election. The doctors have a meeting to agree on a course of treatment. Lee Si Joon sits with Koh Sang No and he names his tic ‘citizens of our nation” and tells him how to do habit reversal training.

Mother’s birthday

Han Woo Joo wants to visit her parents as it’s her mother’s birthday. She finds out her mother has moved the shop and gets frustrated that her mother moved without telling her. She’s upset, knowing she will have to find her again. Han Woo Joo rings Lee Si Joon and tells him to look at the sky because there is a full moon. She wants to meet up with him and starts crying about the chicken shop that has moved without giving context. Lee Si Joon is confused as to why she’s crying over a chicken shop so she puts the phone down.

Ji Young Won tells the truth

Lee Si Joon meets up with Ji Young Won for a coffee. She tells him that 8 years ago she knew Jung Se Yeon had BPD but didn’t tell him. She apologizes and asks for Lee Si Joon’s forgiveness. Lee Si Joon laughs that she’s internalized this and says nothing could have prevented Jung Se Yeon’s death as she was punishing him.

How does Fix You episode 13 end?

Lee Si Joon tells Han Woo Joo’s friend that she’s really upset about a chicken shop and doesn’t know why. Meanwhile, Han Woo Joo rings an advertisement that claims they can find people and Ji Young Won ponders over Lee Si Joon giving Han Woo Joo a bracelet. Lee Si Joon talks to the congressman again about his difficult career after catching him drinking beer; he raises how he has to always be wary of words and people around him. Fix You episode 13 deals with everyone’s personal issues in a chapter less about the hospital and more about the characters.

Additional points
  • Han Woo Joo has a bad dream about a fire and the bracelet burning in it.
  • Nu-ri is still impacted by what happened with the voyeurism in the last episode and flips at another doctor who innocently looked at her and starts taking phones of men in public.

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