Central Park season 1, episode 1 recap and breakdown Where's the dog?



Central Park season 1, episode 1 is an “okay” pilot which provides a base but it’s a little scrappy.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Central Park season 1, episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Central Park season 1, episode 1 open?

Episode 1 begins with Birdie, a busker singing in… Central Park — he’s praising the place and the city. Birdie tells the viewers where the manager of the park lives; he introduces us to the family by sneaking behind the house: Cole, Molly, mother Paige, and father Owen (the manager). Owen is excited for Hot Lips Turtlehead Day — he’s got stickers for the crowds; it’s an annual flowers day but it isn’t popular. We learn that Paige works for a small newspaper. Birdie tells us that the villain of the story is going to be Bitsy — she perches on one of the grand hotels that look over Central Park. She’s lost her dog Champagne and she’s using a telescope over the park trying to find her dog. Her servant Helen gives her face cream. Central Park season 1, episode 1 gives us some quick introductions.

Hot Lips Turtlehead Day

Owen walks around the park with Birdie and tries to promote Hot Lips Turtlehead Day but realizes no-one is interested. Birdie tells Owen that the park needs him. Owen breaks into a song about Hot Lips Turtlehead Day and how he’s the only devotee. The song turns to Paige who attends a conference where Bitsy is offering a huge reward of $55k for anyone who finds Champagne. It then turns to Molly who is stalking her crush, Brendan. When the song ends people start stomping on the flower beds looking for the dog.

Where is the dog?

We learn that Cole has the dog Champagne (Birdie already knew). Cole is completely in love with Champagne and wants to keep him — Owen asks Cole to help him find the dog not knowing his song has it. Brendan introduces himself to Molly and she’s extremely nervous. Owen finds out that Cole has the dog and wants to return Champagne as soon as possible. Cole wants to keep the dog and bursts into a rap about it. Owen suggests that they make out like they found the dog. They return the dog and Bitsy and Owen do not accept the reward. Bitsy makes a weird threat about the park as they leave. When they return home, Cole is crushed about returning the dog.

How does Central Park season 1, episode 1 end?

Paige has had a story printed in the newspaper — she wrote about the Hot Lips Turtlehead Day and Owen is happy about the article. As the episode ends, Bitsy plans to change Central Park with building condos and Dunkin’ Donuts on it. Central Park season 1, episode 1 is an “okay” pilot that provides a base but it’s a little scrappy.

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