Fix You episode 15 recap and breakdown

May 29, 2020
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K-drama series Fix You episode 15


Fix You episode 15 is heavily thematic on confronting fears but also being there for those in need.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 15 open?

It begins with Han Woo Joo getting angry at Ji Young Won — the doctor explains that it’s not good to misdiagnose a patient with personality disorders and that Lee Si Joon is a better doctor. Han Woo Joo is angry at the doctor because she abandoned her and she’s used to it now — “I thought you were different”. When she leaves the office, Han Woo Joo wonders if Lee Si Joon’s feelings are real. Ji Young Won rings Lee Si Joon and she’s worried Han Woo Joo will become reliant on him. Fix You episode 15 battles with the patient/doctor versus relationship conundrum.

Han Woo Joo meets Lee Si Joon and she suggests they go for a walk. She tells her doctor that she thinks they were fated to meet. Lee Si Joon tries to suggest it isn’t fate but she is adamant.

Congressman’s big decision

Congressman Koh Sang Mo makes a statement to say he is retiring because he was unable to keep his promises for the subway operators. He explains that the tic is a result of stress for not keeping that promise which resulted in the death of an operator. Imagine if politicians were like this in real life? What a better world we would live in.

Lee Si Joon has annoyed the director

As a result of the congressman’s decision, Lee Si Joon is once again in trouble. Lee Si Joon explains to the directors that Koh Sang Mo was discharged because the cause was guilt. The director accuses Lee Si Joon of being a bystander to the patient but he rejects that idea, claiming Koh will find a full recovery — he’s accused of being arrogant. One of the directors takes Lee Si Joon to a class for students and he disarms him in front of all of them and he talks about safety and helping violent patients.

Treating the subway operators

The doctors plan to treat 15 subway operators for panic disorders. None of the operators can come in for treatment as they have no-one to do their shifts. In Dong Hyuk wants to complain but Lee Si Joon suggests going to meet the operators directly to make them feel they are not alone. Han Woo Joo arrives at the hospital and is disappointed that Lee Si Joon has canceled the appointment.

How does Fix You episode 15 end?

Lee Si Joon jumps on a subway and speaks to one of the operators who is driving. The operator is currently having a panic attack. Lee Si Joon offers to stay with him while he drives safely — the operator cries. When the shift is over, the operator thanks Lee Si Joon — he thought he was going to die. Lee Si Joon asks the operator to come to the hospital for treatment. Fix You episode 15 is heavily thematic on confronting fears but also being there for those in need.

Additional notes
  • In Dong Hyuk meets Nu-ri who is still feeling uncomfortable around men after what happened in the previous chapters.
  • One of the directors accuses In Dong Hyuk of using Lee Si Joon’s methods when it comes to the operators
  • While doing his podcast, Lee Si Joon receives a story about abandonment and he discusses confronting our fears — “To be honest, we are all sick // that’s why having a stable mind is the best remedy”.

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