Space Force season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

May 29, 2020
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Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” ends with a free hand to do a second season, with Mark having a choice to make — family or space.

This recap of Netflix series Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” contains significant spoilers.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” open?

It begins with a committee with the other generals discussing China running over the USA flag. They make up some strange responses. Mark doesn’t want to kill people for running over a symbol. Mark has consulted a “space attorney” and is looking for a proportionate response. Meanwhile, Erin has gone crazy by believing her parents have abandoned her, getting drunk at the station and written “cheater” on Karen’s car. She’s fired for being drunk.

Aggressive response

Chan shows Mallory a video of the Chinese base and it’s impressive. Mark has to give the joint chiefs an update on the China update — he tells them about “shaving cream the s*** out of them” but the lead chief wants to burn the Chinese base to the ground. Mark is not sure that would be a proportionate response as it would be a war crime but the lead chief isn’t listening — he wants to shock and awe.

Mallory tells Mark that they cannot burn the Chinese base down. Mark asks Captain Ali to open locker 5 — there are weapons in there. He tells her to teach the crew how to load, clean, and about guns. Mallory is furious that guns are on board the spaceship and tells Mark that he thought he was one of the “good guys” and quits. Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” gives Mark a choice of how to act as a general — the chapter is testing his moral compass.

Doing the right thing

In the evening Mark cooks for Karen and he clearly cannot cook. He confides in her and tells her that Mallory has quit. He hints that he may need to order soldiers into battle and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Karen reassured Mark that he will do the right thing. Meanwhile, Erin is now on the run and asks for a smoke off a guy and ends up in his truck on the way to a party. She suddenly doesn’t like where they are heading and asks them to stop driving — she ends up at what looks like a crack den.

The choice

Mark brainstorms with Mallory and Brad about what would be a proportionate response — he’s underpressure now to do the right thing. He tells Captain Ali that he’s thinking of betraying an order and references good decisions way after World War Two — “The real enemy is arrogance”. Mark asks Ali to disable the guns and put the parts to good use. Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” sees Mark disobeying orders and doing the right thing.

Kick’s moment

Kick heads to the Space Force base and tells Mark to obey the order. Mark tells Kick that it is wrong; he arrests Mark. Kick tells Captain Ali to use the guns and attack the Chinese guns but they’ve already used the parts for other things. Ali prepares her team for boots on the moon to attack the Chinese base by any means possible.

Erin is in trouble

Erin rings Mark and asks him to pick her up but he cannot be there for her as he’s been arrested. She then rings Duncan but he was arrested too for not letting Kick into the base. Erin rings her mother stating that she’s scared but her mother says she is going to have to handle it on her own. Erin steals a bike and rides off.

Family over space

Mallory helps free Mark. Meanwhile, Erin is chased by men on motorbikes. Mark comes to save her with a helicopter. As they fly back, they see Maggie who has escaped prison. She introduces Mark to Louise, the security guard who she’s having a relationship with.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” end?

The Space Force squad reaches the Chinese base and they make it inoperable but when they return to their base, it has been destroyed by the Chinese. Mark is asked to sneak back to the base and help his team. Space Force season 1, episode 10, “PROPORTIONATE RESPONSE” ends with a free hand to do a second season, with Mark having a choice to make — family or space.

Additional notes
  • Chan video calls Captain Ali and they suggest feelings for each other.
  • Mallory asks Tony to put him on social media — he threatens to set himself on fire unless the order to attack the Chinese base is stopped.

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1 thought on “Space Force season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

  • June 9, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    So bad, I really wanted to like this show. It is unbelievable how unbelievable the writing and concepts are. Literally none of the major events in this series could occur in any reality.

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