Space Force season 1, episode 4 recap and breakdown

May 29, 2020
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Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” is a funny chapter but in many ways it had a serious undertone about the importance of family and happiness.

This recap of Netflix series Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” contains significant spoilers.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” begin?

Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” gives us a sense of where Mark is at in his life — it’s quite a sad episode in some ways. It begins with Mark having a problem with Erin not cleaning up in the kitchen — he tries to give her a direct order but it doesn’t work. Mallory is in his office when he arrives at work and wants to discuss the Lunar habitat experiment — they’ve lost one of the people who were getting tested and the experiment is at risk of failing. Mark offers to do it despite no psychological counseling whatsoever. Mark heads to the fake moon. Once again he has no idea what he’s talking about. None of his colleagues is enthusiastic about the experiment. He points out that it is a mess and asks them to clean up immediately.


Episode 4 sees both father and daughter struggle with their existence. At home, Erin orders 20 pizzas and she makes herself a slob. Mark is having dreams about when Erin was young and he kept squirting cream for her. Back in the control room, they note that Mark is struggling with life on the fake Lunar habitat. Erin meets her mother Maggie in prison; she asks Erin how school is going and she responds that she misses DC. Maggie reveals she’s in a gang now — she tells Erin to be there for her father.

Potatoes and running

Mark is getting sick of eating potato and seeing ants everywhere. Going stir-crazy, he eats one of the ants. In his sleep, he keeps having bad dreams and Mallory watches. The next morning he goes for a run in a spacesuit which is ill-advised — Mallory tells Mark to stop running and his heart rate is too high. Mark breaks the feed and keeps running. He eventually collapses and his team hydrate him and give him potato mash. Mark admits he’s eaten worse; rats and bugs and tells of a story when he was alone — the team tell him he’s not alone now. He gets to know the crew telling them about his wife and his family and gets everything off his back. In his dreams, he remembers a road trip with his wife and daughter — happier times.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” end?

It’s the last day on the Lunar habitat experiment and the crew head home. They arrive back to the Space Force base to applause as everyone is welcomed with family and friends except him, which felt slightly tragic. As he walks into the base he tells Brad to get rid of the new uniforms by “tomorrow”. When Mark gets home he sees the leftover pizza and ants. He grabs a bin bag and starts cleaning up. Erin walks in — she apologizes about the mess and offers him ice cream. Both characters have realized they need to reignite happier times. Space Force season 1, episode 4, “LUNAR HABITAT” is a funny chapter but in many ways, it had a serious undertone about the importance of family and happiness.

Additional notes
  • The FLOTUS has taken interest in developing the Space Force uniforms. Tony is excitable and endorses them. The uniforms have a cape. General Brad rings the FLOTUS chief of staff and stands down on the new uniforms.

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