Space Force season 1, episode 6 recap and breakdown India beat us to it!



Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” shows how out of depth and insecure Space Force is, with other nations clearly beating them to scientific developments.

This recap of Netflix series Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” contains significant spoilers.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” begin?

Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” mocks the insecurities of the POTUS, giving us a potential spy in the ranks. It begins with Mark absolutely buzzing after beating Air Force in war games; he gives credit to Mallory to the press officer. He is also excited about a conjugal visit with his wife. Suddenly the team of scientists watch India’s rocket launch and see the pegasus fin which was invented by Space Force; he heads to his conjugal visit in the helicopter and tells Angela a lot of information which makes her feel uncomfortable.

When Mark arrives at the prison he’s told he can’t see her — the White House cancelled it. He gets a text from the White House: “INDIA — Sex is for winners!”. The POTUS is fuming because it is his birthday and the news of India has riled him. Mark and Mallory are told to find the spy within the team. They list who are potential spies.

The interrogations begin

Mark interviews Chan, Mallory’s number 2, and uses the Asian angle as the likelihood that he’s a spy. They then interview Mark’s number 2, Brad, who is very nervous, but Mark states that Brad is not the spy. Mark takes the phone off Baxter to investigate him — he’s been texting Kick and insulting Mark. Mark knows Baxter isn’t the spy but he’s annoyed at him and transfers him to “Space Fence”. Yuri gives Mark and Mallory advice about finding the spy and tells them to look into the person who did the CCTV installation which leads them to Kelly King. Mark and Mallory go to speak to Kelly; he questions her and asks if he can look into her eyes — he clears her as the spy by that interaction alone.

Worth to note that both characters are very similar. Brad grabs Mark at lunch and raises suspicions about Mallory who has sent a strange email with a video file.

Embarrassing Mallory

Mark asks Mallory about the encrypted email and asks why he sent one — Mallory said his email was purely personal but Mark wants to see the email. They play the video file to everyone — it’s Mallory playing the piano and singing a romantic song for someone; he’s talking about Jerome. Mallory asks Mark if he’d like to see his high school diary for his next humiliation. Mark apologises for embarrassing him. Mark gets a call saying there isn’t a spy, India is just smarter than them.

How does Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” end?

Mark tells Mallory that Jerome was his favourite on the Lunar Habitat experiment. Mallory tells Mark that he notices a spark between him and Kelly — Mark says there is but he’s married. He tries ringing his wife Maggie afterwards and leaves her a voicemail to sing to her. The episode ends with Mark saying, “Oh God, I’m so *****.”

Space Force season 1, episode 6, “THE SPY” shows how out of depth and insecure Space Force is, with other nations clearly beating them to scientific developments.

Additional notes
  • One of the soldiers, Duncan, speaks to Erin and he tries to impress her.
  • Tony speaks to Chan about how they could impress the POTUS with a birthday present. They officially name a star after him — a hypergiant. The chief of staff is fuming. The POTUS tweets afterwards that he loves the hypergiant present but doesn’t give Chan and Tony credit.

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