King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 recap and breakdown The next king.



King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 is another engrossing episode but it delves far too much into the details. Regardless it still has promise.

This recap of K-Drama series King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 open?

Episode 3 begins with a sudden turn of events — the King smells some flowers and then faints; the royal family do not want the village to know about his health. In the middle of the night in Hanyang, Choi Cheon Joong catches Young Pa Ryeong stealing. The man asks Cheon Joong for forgiveness but the young master flees before carrying on the conversation. Choi Cheon Joong remembers his father’s last words of not taking revenge for him and then Hwang Bong Ryun’s u-turn as a witness on the taxation ship. He vows to make a new road, a new destiny. For now, he is residing in Hanyang biding his time.

The red guru

Choi Cheon Joong asks Young Pa Ryeong to run some errands for him — Young Pa Ryeong shows him the Red Guru, a fortune teller. He intervenes on one of the readings and stops the fortune teller from making money, implying he is phoney. He impresses the audience nearby with his predictions on the fortune teller and tells the red guru to avoid water for a month.

Later on, Choi Cheon Joong watches what looks like an old version of poker but then guards come in to arrest people at the game. He helps a man from the game and he claims he doesn’t recognise him and that he has “tiger eyes” — he is called Yi Ha Eung. Yi Ha Eung tells Choi Cheong Joong that they are probably fated to bump into each other again.

Throwing rice and riches into the water

At a ceremony in Hanyang, the Jangdong Kim clan bless themselves with future wealth and throw rice in the river which irritates the less wealthy locals. Choi Cheong Joong watches from afar as they start throwing expensive jewellery into the river. The Red Guru wants to swim into the river but his friends remind him of the prophecy of staying away from water. The guards end up taking him out of the water and taking the jewellery off him. As they beat him up, Choi Cheon Joong turns up and states that what they are doing is at a disservice to the people — they let the Red Guru go and the people applaud Choi Cheon Joong.

The next king

Hwang Bong Ryun looks at a group of children to foresee their futures but cannot see a future king but when she looks at a particular woman, she senses something: “The real king material is that girl” — Min Ja Yeong.

There’s a new star in town

Choi Cheon Joong is hailed as the rising star of the village and the new guru. People want fees for his service and Young Pa Ryeong brokers him a deal with free lodging. He does a face reading on Yi Ha Eung; he learns that the man pretends to have the four pillars and wonders why. Yi Ha Eung tells Choi Cheon Joong that someone will find him soon and provide him food and drink but little words will be said. Young Pa Ryeong tells Choi Cheon Joong that it is bad luck to run into someone like Yi Ha Eung and throws salt in the vicinity.

How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 end?

In Gyoo visits Hwang Bong Ryun and tries to court her with a cage of birds but she tells him to leave as she’d never be tempted by him. In Gyoo grabs her and states he will never let anyone else have her. Hwang Bong Ryun has a vision of Choi Cheon Joong getting fatally wounded. When the vision ends, he stands in front of her. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 3 is another engrossing episode but it delves far too much into the details. Regardless it still has promise.

Additional notes
  • Hwang Bong Ryun remembers the pain she felt when the Jangdong Kim clan engraved the symbol on her back and the pain she felt. She still wants to find and reunite with her mother; she remembers the happy memories with her.
  • Kim Byeong Woon tells In Gyoo that with the king sick, he must keep an eye on Prince Heung Seon; who he meets and what he’s conspiring.

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