King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 recap and breakdown Continually failing.



King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 feels like a filler episode while the core plot murmurs in the background.

This recap of K-Drama series King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 contains significant spoilers.

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How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 open?

Episode 4 begins how episode 3 ended; Choi Cheon Joong grabs Hwang Bong Ryun but then he sees In Gyoo and the Jangdong Kim Clan and he hides them both. Choi Cheon Joong is angry at her still for the betrayal — “Go and live your own life”. It’s still complicated between them both.

Fortune-telling for a selfish man

While fortune-telling, a man tells Choi Cheon Joong that he keeps failing his civil exam — Choi Cheon Joon doesn’t take his money as he can’t tell if he will pass. It seems the man is taking advantage of the sister by taking her money for studying — later in the day, Choi Cheon Joong tells Young Pa Ryeong that the man had a weak fate and he’s lazy — “He’s so weak he ends up choosing extreme measures”.

The next inline

Hwang Bong Ryun is determined to find the child Min Ja Yeong. In the next scene, Choi Cheon Joong bumps into Min Ja Yeong and he senses her future. He gives her expensive medicine and money for her family. Meanwhile, the King is saying his illness is getting worse and they need to find the next person who is going to be on the throne. Ha Jeon is put forward as next in line but the King continues walking.

The sister

Choi Cheon Joon is asked what the fate of Prince Heung Seon by the Ministry of Justice but he refuses to disclose information. Hwang Bong Ryun runs a fortune-telling courtesan house and runs into a woman (the sister from the start of the episode supporting her brother who is doing the civil exam) while traipsing the streets. Choi Cheon Joon sees from a distance. The sister reveals she gave her money to the Jangdong Kim clan to help her brother become an official. Hwang Bong Ryun tells her to take her money back and run. Choi Cheon Joon is listening in outside and he smiles.

The man with “many failures” returns

Young Pa Ryeong updates Choi Cheon Joon on the man that keeps failing his civil exam; it’s confirmed he sucks money out of the family and constantly complains about studying and participates in gambling. He abandoned his family and sick mother. Young Pa Ryeong also reveals that the man bribed the Jangdong Kim clan. The man then shows up and asks Choi Cheon Joon again if he will pass the exam — Choi Cheon Joon tells him that he will fail and that his bribe will not work. Later, the man fails his test and returns to Choi Cheon Joon threatening him, blaming the fortune-teller for his downfall. Choi Cheon Joon grabs the man and tells him he has been lucky, not unlucky in the past 10 years, while his mother and sister suffered.

How does King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 end?

Hwang Bong Ryun goes looking for the man’s sister, realising she is in trouble. She heads to her house to save her. The man who threatened Choi Cheon Joon starts strangling Hwang Bong Ryun from behind but Choi Cheon Joon saves her. Later on, he helps her rest — she reminds him that they were friends and once engaged and never treated her poorly. King Maker: The Change of Destiny episode 4 feels like a filler chapter while the core plot murmurs in the background.

Additional notes
  • The Red Guru and his men trash Choi Cheon Joong’s fortune-telling place and he ends up falling for a woman that shouted at him.
  • Hwang Bong Ryun asks Kim Byeong Woon if he is trying to find Choi Cheon Joon and asks if he will live up to his promise not to kill him. Byeong Woon tells her she should be worried if they find him.

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