El Presidente season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Las pelotas”?

June 5, 2020
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El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las Pelotas” reveals the corruptive nature of football unfolding as Sergio makes some progress as president.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las pelotas” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las pelotas”  open?

Episode 3 begins with Sergio preparing for a speech. It then flits to the present with Rosario masturbating before getting ready for the day. She enters Sergio’s car by surprise. Rosario asks Sergio to ensure that the party he is organizing for the CONMEBOL is without the wives. Sergio tries telling Nené not to come to the party for “business reasons” stating that the CONMEBOL is chauvinistic.

In the past, Sergio is getting accustomed to the president’s life but Nené asks him why the newscasts have him on video calling journalists stupid; she asks him to control himself. Nené hires a PR official to manage his public appearances by saying cruel words to him beforehand so he doesn’t get angry with journalists. El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las Pelotas” demonstrates how even the clumsiest man can pull off the grand business deals.

TV contract

At the meeting with the presidents, Jinkis tries offering his TV contract but Grondono doesn’t like the sound of it and hates virtual money. Jinkis states that his deal is larger money and they can make “ghost accounts” and dissolve the companies when they need to calm it down. Jinkis gives each director money and asks them to think about their vote. Later after the meeting, Grondono tells Sergio to vote for Jinkis. The next day, Jinkis’s deal comes through.

In the present, Chuck Blazer, deemed an Emperor of Football, attends the party which surprises Rosario. As the guests get drunk, they get sloppy and one of the waitresses Rosario hires steals the delegates’ phones to hack.

Sergio’s breakthrough moment

In the past in Luque, the presidents discuss the 2014 Brazil World Cup and the expense of remodeling the stadiums and then they refer to the Copa America in 2015, highlighting that more costs will be incurred; Sergio puts Chile forward for the tournament and the men vote for it. Sergio is elated and tells Rosario that Copa America is in Chile. She tells him they should celebrate and they head out to the bars together to drink and dance. When he heads back to Chile, Sergio and Nené have celebratory sex and Rosario listens in — Nené stops halfway and tells him they need to make the most of this opportunity, “the Jadue era”. The family head to Miami to enjoy their wealth and Sergio continues to launder money. The PR machine rolls that Copa America will be hosted in Chile.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las pelotas”  end?

Sergio is annoyed at the low money offer of one of the sponsors so he asks his wife for advice on business who compares it with the “parking and car wash” complete package. He renegotiates with the sponsor, claiming another sponsor is offering a “complete package” and they offer a $100m deal. Sergio is once again elated, paying out to his loyal friends. Sergio prepares to give a speech at the Copa America draw presentation and then walks out on the stage. Grondono narrates that football will always be the dynamics of the unthinkable. When the teams are decided for the group stage, it’s fixed so Chile gets the easier teams; Bolivia, Mexico Ecuador. El Presidente season 1, episode 3, “Las Pelotas” reveals the corruptive nature of football unfolding as Sergio makes some progress as president.

Additional points
  • Nené tells Sergio they must renovate the ANFP.
  • In the past, Rosario inserts a recording device in Sergio’s suits.
  • In the present, Nené takes all the wives to a secret pool party with naked men serving them. She learns that one of the women’s husband has a lover and also forces his son to launder money. She asks Sergio later if he does similar activities and he says he hasn’t got time for a double life.
  • Hawilla fumes at Grondono that they are doing business with Jinkis. Grondono advises him, saying revenge is best served as a cold dish.

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