El Presidente season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Padre Nuestro”? An era ends.



El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro” shows everything falling apart as Sergio cooperates with the FBI in an insightful chapter in how corruption works within football.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro”  open?

Episode 5 begins in the past — Rosario tells Sergio if he doesn’t cooperate he will go down. She states that all empires come down eventually. Sergio tells Nené that he’s sorry for shouting at her and that he was just annoyed. He gives her a necklace. She asks him how he paid for it if all their cards were blocked — he explains he got it before it happened.

Sergio meets Rosario after her ultimatum and tells her to leave him alone. She points a gun at him and says it will continue — credit cards blocked, everything. Rosario tells Sergio that he’s going to have to lie to his wife and everyone; she gives him his first assignment and gives him a football keychain that secretly records every conversation. Grondono narrates that’s how Sergio became the worst snitch for the FBI. The FBI puts Rosario in charge of the operation and Dave is now the number two. Rosario asks Dave for a full report by 5 pm and shows who is in charge instantly. El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro” sees Rosario finally getting full control of the operation.

The President of FIFA

Sergio is asked to look at portraits of himself for a focus group to see his chances of becoming mayor but he wants to look into the possibilities of being the President of FIFA. Nené pulls Sergio aside and tells him that they must assemble a team for him. The news reveals how Chuck Blazer is an FBI informant and he looks concerned.

Meeting the Pope

Sergio learns that the CONMEBOL will be receiving a visit from Pope Francis and Sergio will be leading the event. The presidents of CONMEBOL head to the Vatican. One of the nuns at the Vatican gives Sergio a cross which is a device from the FBI.

In a separate scene, Julio Grondono asks Sergio if he is talking to any of the lawyers from the CONMEBOL and he tells him to not make a deal with the gringos — he introduces him to João Havelange who is their version of a Pope, the former President of FIFA (1974-1998). Grondono explains how João put football on the map and made it extremely commercial. In a random scene, João points a gun at Sergio and ask him what he thinks of loyalty to the King. He pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. In his next shot where he aims at a target, there are bullets — this was some threatening Russian roulette.

Back to the Vatican

In the present day, Sergio and the CONMEBOL continue with their time at the Vatican. They meet the Pope, and Sergio wants to make sure all the presidents make a confession as he’s arranged it. Nené encourages Sergio to have a photo with the Pope as an opportunity. Sergio makes a confession first; he feels like he has been betrayed by a beautiful woman and he’s referring to Rosario — he calls her a fake.

The peace treaty

Sergio tells Jinkis that they need to act smart and that they need to find a middle ground with Hawilla, like a peace treaty. Jinkis seems sold on the idea.

Later at the World Cup, Jinkis says he isn’t giving up anything that is his. Sergio says it is important to negotiate. Jinkis and Hawilla meet up for a peace meeting with Grondono as the mediator. He introduces them to Alejandro Burzaco, who is interested in contracts for all four cups. Grondono tells them to think long term and asks Hawilla to drop the lawsuit as it makes them look bad; they shake hands — four days later DATISA signed an agreement with CONMEBOL for broadcasting rights up until 2023 in exchange for an official payment of 317 million dollars. Grondono narrates asking himself why he spent so long fighting for money he’ll never see.

An untimely death

When Sergio returns to the ANFP, Nené shows him the renovations and plans for the new stadium. Celebrations are cut short as it is reported in the news that Julio Grondono is dead — Sergio is clearly impacted by it as he was like a mentor to him. Rosario tells Sergio that many things will happen at the funeral and now that Julio Grondono is dead, the information will move faster.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro”  end?

The series then moves to the start of the story with Sergio at the funeral where he throws away the recording device. It then flits to the present in Zurich, where delegates are voting for a new President in a FIFA plenary meeting and each vote is worth millions from each country. As Sergio brushes his teeth he looks outside to see police heading to the hotel. Meanwhile, Rosario is listening to all the confessions from the Vatican — “God ended up punishing all of them”. El Presidente season 1, episode 5, “Padre Nuestro” shows everything falling apart as Sergio cooperates with the FBI in an insightful chapter in how corruption works within football.

Additional points
  • While Nené is shopping she is told her cards have been “canceled” or “maxed out”. She rings Sergio about it and he doesn’t have time to talk about her shopping.
  • Sergio gives the Chilean players a passionate speech when they exit the World Cup but they evidently don’t care.

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