El Presidente season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Fifageit”?

June 5, 2020
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El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” is fascinating as it demonstrates how those who are corrupt and at the top are so naive to their own situation.

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El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” is fascinating as it demonstrates how those who are corrupt and at the top are so naive to their own situation.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” open?

Episode 6 begins with the police heading to the hotel. Julio Grondono narrates stating this is one big show, like Hollywood — it’s a story that sells. Grondono tries to explain how the gringos are worse; he introduces us to Loretta Lynch (the U.S. Attorney General), James B. Comedy (FBI Director), and Mr IRS, who is after those who evade tax — Richard Weber. Julio Grondono says they have determined that they are “corrupt assholes”. El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” shows how the arrest of corrupt businessmen becomes an event rather than a justice procedure.

As the police arrive, Alejandro Burzaco departs before hell breaks loose; the show starts with the General Attorney announcing the charges on TV. Grondono narrates saying this is the most “American” thing. Meanwhile, Sergio hides in his room — he leaves Jashir a voice note telling him not to worry. The media outlets roll the news on the alleged corruption. Rosario learns that the police have been ordered to arrest Sergio — Dave did it and Rosario is fuming and tells him that he’s dropped from the operation.

I’m an informant!

Sergio leaves his room and he tells the police that he’s an informant. He gives the police a name but they want a full name. Rosario tries to get into the hotel to free him. Sergio is photographed for police evidence. Meanwhile, Jinkis has a cleaner help sneak him out of the hotel. Jashir rings Nené and warns her about what she is about to learn.

The police and FBI start to take information off the football leaders. As Sergio is about to sign some papers Rosario comes to the rescue. Rosario tells Sergio to put on an FBI coat as there’s still voting to be done at FIFA. Sergio wants assurance off Rosario that he’s not put in that position again. As Nené heads to ANFP she’s hounded by journalists. She’s in shock. Sergio rings Nené and tells her everything is fine and they are clean. El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” sees all the foundations crumble.

Desperate leaders

El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” is fascinating as it demonstrates how those who are corrupt and at the top are so naive to their own situation; it’s almost like they have this privileged idea that corrupt money is still their money. The FBI monitors the leaders’ texts to their spouses, accountants, and acquaintances trying to close accounts and remove evidence; it’s panic time. Sergio tells the other presidents that the FBI wants them to vote against Blatter — he tells them they can clean their honor. Blatter still wins the election and promises to remove corruption from football. Nené handles the journalists like a boss and tells them that Sergio is fine. Afterward, one of the executives tells Nené that Sergio will be damaged goods after this.

Jashir to the rescue

Jashir gets all the friends from Chile to New York to help Sergio so they can give him money. Sergio has a go at Jashir for not getting to the city quickly enough. Jashir passes him the money and Sergio walks off with it. When he returns to Chile, Sergio takes questions and rules out resignation saying he wasn’t part of the scandal and they repeatedly ask if he will release details of his assets.

When Sergio returns to ANFP, Sergio lays down the law to the board, stating that he’s still in charge and brings in his new lawyers. Their legal services include the defence of the whole board. Julio Grondono narrates, stating that Sergio is a quick learner.

Returning to the family

Sergio returns to his family and Nené slaps his face before kissing him. His daughter asks if he will be going to jail and you can sense the fear in his face as he says no. Before bed, Nené asks Sergio why he didn’t return home straight away and that they are worried. She asks him to promise nothing bad will happen. El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” is a chapter where actions are way louder than words — this marriage is on the rocks.

I am a good man!

Sergio’s lawyers ask him to explain something on his account — he’s suddenly excited and holds an ANFP press conference. He claims in the conference that his hands are clean and the other CONMEBOL members need to wash their own hands. He shows them the infamous check for 1.5million dollars from CONMEBOL into ANFP’s checking account — he states it was handled with the rules of integrity and ethics that have always been synonymous with his leadership.

In a bizarre twist, one of the journalists asks if Sergio has ever been accused of domestic violence for hitting his wife. Sergio deflects and talks about the other presidents. In the evening, Sergio tells Nené he’s off out to meet the arbitration committee. There’s some tension; she tells him she is not going to lose everything. Sergio grabs her arm aggressively and asks Nené who she told about the domestic abuse charges. She states she dropped the charges “back then”. Sergio storms out.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 6, “Fifageit” open?

The episode ends with a twist (possibly); Sergio meets Rosario and she tells him he took too long to reply to her. He apologizes for not being an “easy guy”, and he knows there are protocols he needs to respect. He tells her is “scared sh*tless”. Sergio tells Rosario to arrest him as he holds her hand; Nené finds Sergio with Rosario and from a distance and assumes something is going on. It’s possible that Sergio and Rosario have been intimate all this time. It would answer why Nené was so determined to get to the hotel to stop Sergio from getting arrested. Or it could be nothing — I’m sure there will be answers in the last two chapters.

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