El Presidente season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

June 5, 2020
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Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 8 - Todo pasa


El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” is a strange, eventful, entertaining chapter, blurring sensationalism with reality.

This recap of Amazon original series El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” contains significant spoilers.

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How does El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” open?

Episode 8 begins in December 2010, in Zurich, for the “host country” election for the 2022 World Cup. Sergio cannot get in the VIP section — it was the beginning of the end for Sergio. This is where Qatar made its bid with their dirty money. When Qatar is announced Julio Grondono states this was day 1 of FIFAgate. El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” is a strange, eventful, entertaining chapter, blurring sensationalism with reality.

In the present, Sergio and Nené are arguing and Nené grabs her husband a suitcase and kicks him out. Meanwhile, Lisa is having issues with the family; financial issues, and the problems with the house. On the news, Jinkis has turned himself in — the FBI tells Lisa to bring Sergio to Miami and then she can take a vacation but she states she cannot take time off because she needs the money. Her boss mocks her, stating, “You always need the money”.

His life is falling apart

Sergio feels like his life is falling apart and he asks his lawyers to fix his life and gives them more money; the Copa America merchandise is wrong, his wife wants a divorce and the FBI are on his neck. Sergio confronts Jashir with a gun and calls him a “f*ggot” for getting the merchandise wrong. Jashir turns the gun on Sergio and is angry for what he called him. Fashir puts the gun down and says he draws the line when it comes to the police and that Sergio has no principles and he’ll end up alone. Sergio tells Fashir to get him some fake passports and then he will be forgiven for the merchandise.

Sergio heads to the apartment and begs Nené to let him in. Suddenly, Sergio gets really angry when she won’t open the gates. He meets Lisa and gives her money and asks her for a few more days to sort everything out. He then tries to give her tickets for the Copa America final. Lisa keeps the tickets but gives him the money back, telling him to pack his bags as he will be leaving regardless of his family. Sergio sleeps in the ANFP headquarters; he rings Father Andres and wants to confess his sins. El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” surfaces the pure desperation from the lead character and it soon gets worse.

The Copa America Final

The next day, Sergio heads to the Copa America final — Chile vs Argentina. Lisa is selling the tickets outside. He confronts Nené and tells her that Olivia is brainwashing her. He questions whether she has considered what the press will think about her; the jewelry and the riches that have all come from him. Nené tells Sergio that no-one envies him. Sergio responds coldly by saying he got her out of the hole she was in and if she even tries to divorce him, he’ll go lower and kill himself. At the final, Sergio imagines being on the pitch watching the players. During penalties, he gives Sanchez a pep talk before he takes his penalty — Chile wins the Copa America. He kisses Nené and then gives the trophy to the team. Julio Grondono narrates stating it isn’t a happy ending despite giving the country the one thing they’ve always wanted.

And then episode 8 turns violent. While Lisa Harris walks around the stadium, Jashir stabs her from behind and flees in a truck with his friend. As Chile supporters celebrate, Sergio walks around the place almost despondent. At the party, he sees Nené kiss Vidal. His life has truly fallen apart.

Lisa survives but the whole country is hungover

Lisa survives and she’s in the hospital with her wounds being attended to. She then meets Chilean police to arrest Sergio but the cops are hungover. They are bemused as to why they want to arrest Sergio.

Sergio heads to Fatima’s place and realizes that Jashir has taken the hidden money and he is furious. Lisa Harris heads over and asks Fatima to open the door. Sergio sneaks away with his children and then steals a taxi. Lisa has picked the worst day in Chile to arrest someone — the whole country is hungover. As Sergio flees, Nené rings him and demands he brings back the children immediately. As he flees the town, the car breaks down — Sergio is running out of lives. The police finally catch up to him. Lisa Harris tells him he is under arrest and he will be extradited to the USA. Sergio states that it makes no sense, he did everything he asked; Lisa shows him the stab wound. She believes he ordered the attack.

Nené is willing to help

Nené tells Sergio that their marriage is over but they are still associates — she says they need fuel and asks him where “everything” is. Sergio tells Nené that Jashir took it all. El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” presents Nené as an opportunist, willing to be an associate so she can benefit from fixing things. Outside of the police station, Nené tells Lisa that Sergio is not capable of ordering someone to stab her and that he’s a good man. Nené states she knows Lisa needs the money and that she can help.

It’s time for a plan

Nené heads to the bank to take the money out of the deposit boxes — the only money left. She gets in the car with Sergio. The family head to the airport and Sergio tells the press he is going on a vacation with the family. Inside the airport, Lisa accompanies them. She takes one of the backpacks off Sergio as they walk through security so they are not found with the money. When they arrive in America, Lisa bribes the customs checks officer.

This was an alternative ending

As the family parts ways, Sergio thanks Lisa and gives her some money. Lisa says it isn’t enough so Sergio gives her more money — Julio Grondono narrates a story where Nené goes up behind Lisa and strangles her with her necklace but then he reminds the audience what he said at the start with his dead friend João, stating they are trying to make the story spicier. Julio Grondono states nothing in this episode really happened — the true story is that in November 2015, Sergio cooperated with the FBI in the United States; Grondono describes how all the men involved in the corruption managed to reduce their sentences by paying fines and agreeing on deals. Some of the members of the CONMEBOL even benefitted from it, which makes the whole story sickly and wrong.

How does El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” end?

The narrator states that Lisa and Jashir were purely fictional. The ANFP was left in billions of debt once the books were settled apart from $3.5 million that was never found. Sergio was okay after the scandal but Nené did not do well from the separation — she took no money from their split and ended up paying the price the most, seemingly working in KFC’s kitchens while Sergio got his life back to normal. El Presidente season 1, episode 8, “Todo pasa” is no doubt entertaining, and its parting message is that the reality of the situation is normal and it’s easy to sensationalize a corrupt story involving old saggy men making bribes and participating in votes for football.

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