DC Comics prove diamonds aren’t forever

June 6, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

A few weeks back you may remember the story we ran on the comic distributor Diamond closing its doors due to the pandemic and leaving comic shops with no products to sell.

In the aftermath, DC Comics looked to other avenues of distribution to try and get product out for the stores that would eventually be in a position to reopen.

As quarantine rules are slowly revised, shops have tried to get a foothold in the market again, and Diamond has started to resume its business model.

With a campaign that asked comic book companies to carry their logo on the front of every cover, special stickers for boxes and t-shirts, Diamond has gone strong on promoting their service with appearances on live streams on YouTube from owner Steve Geppi.

However, the latest twist in the tale has seen DC comics cut ties with the company.

This is undoubtedly a smack in the teeth for the company, as DC is a major player in the comic book field with what must be 30 percent of Diamond’s business.

DC has decided to keep their options open and will continue to use the other distribution avenues they relied on for the last few weeks.

The companies used had received positive feedback, with comics arriving undamaged and well packed, and also changing the arrival date of the books to a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.

With comics in a constant state of turmoil, often dividing the dwindling fan base, this decision will no doubt be a point of consternation for fans and retailers everywhere, and only time will tell what the future of the industry will bring.

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