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A family adventure that could become a modern fable for young adults, Norah’s Saga #1 is another strong issue from a new indie publisher.

This review of Norah’s Saga #1 is spoiler-free.

Norah’s Saga is another exclusive release from Allegiance Arts and Entertainment, only available from Walmart stores in the US, much like the already-reviewed Red Rooster. Created by Patrick Stiles, and written by Blake Northcote, this is a story of Norse mythology, magic, and the convergence of worlds, as schoolgirl Norah finds herself thrown into a world of gods and legends.

After losing her mom, Norah and her dad move from the countryside, where life was peaceful and quiet, to the city, where her new school friends leave a lot to be desired.

Norah is sassy, and often quite rude if I’m honest, with her father, and seems to want to fit in with her new life. A late trip to the mall in a snowstorm ends terribly though, as father and daughter have an accident that leaves dad in a critical state, and Norah is transported to a world of Norse myths.

Meanwhile, back in our reality, it seems that shadowy figures are aware of Norah’s situation, and it’s something that has happened before.

Norah’s Saga #1 is a nice introduction to the concept behind this series. The story moves along nicely, and although there is nothing here that you may not have seen before, the setting that Norah finds herself in has a lot of possibilities.

The art by Kelsey Shannon suits the style of the book, and the colors from Hernan Octavio enhance the style, with blues and greens in our world and reds and purples in the world Norah arrives in.

This is definitely a book aimed at a younger audience, with a young protagonist that I hope is at the start of an arc that will see her mellow and grow as the story continues.

This is a fantasy adventure tale that, if it finds its audience, has the potential to be a modern fable for young adults.

This is another strong issue from this new indie publisher, and as I read these books I am only sorry that the distribution is so low. If comic shops ever open again, it would be really nice to see them on our shelves here.

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