The Titan Games season 2, episode 3 recap – the Central Regional Champions are decided redemption!

June 9, 2020
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A Titan is toppled and the Central Regional Champions are decided as the show’s best Central contestants return for a shot at redemption.

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A Titan is toppled and the Central Regional Champions are decided as the show’s best Central contestants return for a shot at redemption.

This recap of The Titan Games Season 2, Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s the last contest in the Central region. All the competitors who lost on Mount Olympus are returning for one last shot at redemption against the seemingly unbeatable Joe Thomas and the newly-crowned Dani Speegle. The events are all three-ways, and the loser is gone.

The men: Steven Shelby, aka the Pebble, aka the Mini Rock; Matt Chan, firefighter and all-American hero who lost by half a second the first time (and boasts the best underdog story); and Kaleb Redden, aka Doc Thor, Chris Hemsworth lookalike, doctor, and all-around handsome fella.

The boys square off in Hammer Down, a race to knock down three poles with a sledgehammer. They’re off! Matt and Kaleb are very close; Steven is behind, pretty badly at that. Doc Thor grabs the first spot in round 2 by shimmying up his golden pole — this is all quite phallic, isn’t it? — and yanking the chain. Matt isn’t far behind him. Steven is eliminated.

Next up in The Titan Games season 2, episode 3, the girls: two-time Olympic gold medallist Claressa Shields, a bit more humble but perhaps not humble enough; Jaime Seeman, doctor and inspirational mother; and former Olympian Chantae McMillan, who had a great, dominant run but was unseated by her own overconfidence. She’s surely a stand-out threat here.

The game is Hammer Down again, which I suppose is fair. Chantae takes an early lead; things are closer between Claressa and Jaime. Chantae and Claressa end up on the golden pole at the same time as Jaime flags even more. Chantae wins, which must sting for Claressa Shields, who was badly unseated by her in the first round and here finds herself mightily struggling to climb the golden pole. Jaime makes up ground, and it’s a dead heat. The doctor takes the lead! Claressa Shields has been humiliated again! She leaves in tears.

Chantae takes on Jaime in Resistance, the point of which is to throw barrels out of your side of the arena while being tied to your opponent. Chantae, lighter and lither, struggles out of the gate. She’s quickly down 2-0. Then 3-0. Then 4-0. She’s heading for a complete shutdown and Chantae, staggering around the arena, has nothing to offer. Jaime wins in a very dominant fashion. Chantae takes the loss surprisingly well given previous form.

Doc Thor and Matt Chan square off in Resistance, and Matt comes out of the blocks like an animal. He goes up 3-0 virtually instantly. Kaleb tries to make a comeback, but Matt gives him no time to do it. The whole thing lasts less than a minute, I think, with Matt tossing barrels like his life depends on it. Kaleb, in typical fashion, takes the loss very gracefully. Matt will take on the undefeated Joe Thomas — again.

Next up in The Titan Games season 2, episode 3: Fitness influencer and current Titan Dani Speegle takes on Jaime on Mount Olympus. Dani takes an early lead, and it’s a lead she doesn’t let go of all throughout the course. She wins pretty comfortably — she’s the show’s Central Regional champion.

Next: The eagerly-anticipated rematch between Matt and Joe. And they’re off! It’s neck and neck! Lots of talk about Joe’s “smooth is fast” strategy, which has worked for him thus far. Matt reaches the ball and chain ahead of Joe. Joe, though, is a master of this obstacle. But Matt’s still ahead! Joe speeds up at the last minute, but it’s too little too late. Matt wins! Joe is full of praise for him, which is great to see.

There we are, folks: Dani and Matt go ahead to clash with the best from the East and West, who’ll be determined in the coming weeks.

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