Curon season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Killer” gets his hands dirty

June 10, 2020
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“The Killer” gets his hands dirty as Curon finally indulges in some violence, as Lukas comes face to face with himself and more of Albert’s past is revealed.



“The Killer” gets his hands dirty as Curon finally indulges in some violence, as Lukas comes face to face with himself and more of Albert’s past is revealed.

This recap of Curon season 1, episode 3, “The Killer”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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As is becoming a trend, Curon episode 3 opens with a flashback, this time to young Anna and young Albert, all loved up. Albert suggests they get married when she turns 18. He confesses his love for her, insists that she’ll be the only one he ever loves, but she isn’t exactly reciprocal. She says she met someone: Pietro, from Milan. Albert doesn’t take the news well, though I suppose you can’t blame him. This is probably what made him such an arsehole in the present-day, which we rejoin as grown-up Albert slams shut the door of the remote cabin we saw him enter at the end of the previous episode. His ring finger is bloody.

Daria and Mauro debate calling the police, but they set off together in order to find Anna, much to the dismay of Thomas. Albert, meanwhile, tells Micki to embrace who she is and never hide it, which is surprisingly open-minded advice for a guy who hasn’t been portrayed very favorably thus far. He’s still frosty with his wife, Klara, who doesn’t have much of a relationship with Micki, and is deeply suspicious of where Albert has been now that Anna is back. He hasn’t been home for two nights. She says Anna has already ruined his life, which he doesn’t take well. Downstairs, we see Giulio kicking off about how Albert treats his mother; he wants to intervene but Micki talks him out of it. He hates his dad, and wants out of Curon, away from the family.

Daria and Mauro get the truck stuck in the woods; they argue about what Mauro saw in the bedroom and to what extent Thomas can be trusted, especially after he was in possession of Anna’s phone. The focus of Curon episode 3, though, at least for now, remains on Micki. She’s short with her mother at school (I’ve only just clocked she’s the teacher) and refuses to listen to Lukas when he tries to apologize. Through one of the windows, Lukas sees the other version of himself staring up at him.

Having hiked the rest of the way, Daria and Mauro arrive at a cabin. It hides a weed grow. Giulio and Davide arrive, but Mauro is able to distract them so that he and Daria can make their escape, although they’re briefly spotted as they exit. Thomas, meanwhile, goes to Albert for help finding his grandchildren. Albert’s reluctant but agrees to help, which is just as well since Daria and Mauro can’t get on long enough to help each other find their way back. “The Killer” helps to flesh out the relationship between these two, which is clearly the backbone of the story.

Lukas returns home in Curon season 1, episode 3 to find his father furious, his doppelganger having evidently done something to displease him. In the garage, Lukas finds a bike wheel spinning. His twin greets him with an ominous, “Boo!”. He says he’s all the things that Lukas was never brave enough to be; he’s disgusted by the “weak”, “terrified” Lukas, who he attacks. Lukas 1 is able to flee and barricade his bedroom, where he sits armed with a knife.

Daria and Mauro find an apparently abandoned cabin, though they see a light inside. Thomas and Albert arrive, and the latter is able to stop Mauro from looking inside the cabin, which is presumably the one he left at the top of the episode. Mauro finds something on the ground, but I watched the scene three times and couldn’t make out what it was.

Back at the hotel, it’s time for some chit-chat. Thomas confesses that Anna is missing. When Mauro confronts him about the woman in the bedroom, he says that a lot of strange things happen in this place, especially in that room. He once saw Lilli, their grandmother, in the attic, after she was dead. He says the woman he saw was not Anna, they’re “just visions. Shadows.” Mauro asks if it’s true that the place is cursed, and Thomas says the whole family is cursed. He believes he failed to protect them. The kids try and reassure him, saying that his portrait was always in Anna’s sketchbook.

Klara confronts Albert about why he helped Thomas look for the kids. They have a little disagreement, but she initiates sex, one assumes to remind him where his bread is buttered. It seems to work. At school, Daria talks with Micki, but things are a little awkward between them. She also blackmails Giulio about his weed farm; all the weed she wants in exchange for her silence. Lukas goes to Micki for help with his evil, murderous doppelganger, but she doesn’t take him seriously. She also shares a nice sibling moment with Giulio.

In the woods, Thomas and his associate, Berger, investigate a car wreck. Berger suggests that “somebody took them” and dumped the car to cover their tracks — Thomas immediately suspects Albert. At the hotel, Mauro shows Daria what he found at the cabin — an earring, one of Anna’s. They need to return to the cabin, which they do, though the question of how they got there isn’t answered. They just arrive, presumably without a vehicle and without anyone noticing? Whatever. Inside, they find a large pool of blood, as well as engravings of “A+A” (Anna and Albert), pictures of those two as the youngsters we saw in the opening, and the other earring. Albert himself arrives, and begins cleaning up the blood, though he can tell someone’s there. A tense scene follows in which he looks for the intruders with his rifle, but just as he finds them, Thomas attacks him from behind.

As Klara warns Micki that the people she’s hanging out with could ruin her life, Albert is arrested, though I’m not totally sure what for at this point. Kidnapping Anna? It makes sense given his creepy love shack, I suppose.

Lukas, meanwhile, is asked to go the garage by his cat-obsessed father, and while he’d rather not he eventually agrees. When he enters to retrieve the cat food, the lights go out. There’s even a creaky swing in the garden for maximal cliche potential. When he turns around we get the obligatory jump-scare as Lukas 2 is right in his face, greeting him with another “Boo!” Lukas 1 flees into the woods, and his doppelganger gives chase. Lukas 1 has the opportunity to kill him, but he can’t bring himself to do it as Lukas 2 savagely mocks him. He eventually just gives out a rather pathetic scream of defeat. As he sobs and crawls away, Lukas 2 beats him to death with a hammer, going back to the house to enjoy a meal with his “father”, which is where Curon season 1, episode 3 ends.

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