Curon season 1, episode 4 recap – things heat up in “The Fathers”

June 10, 2020
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“The Fathers” finds the twins bonding with Micki and Giulio as Lukas is on the warpath, and a surprise visitor arrives in town, all against the backdrop of the much-discussed Fire Festival (no, not that one!).



“The Fathers” finds the twins bonding with Micki and Giulio as Lukas is on the warpath, and a surprise visitor arrives in town, all against the backdrop of the much-discussed Fire Festival (no, not that one!).

This recap of Curon season 1, episode 4, “The Fathers”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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The obligatory flashback that opens Curon episode 4 is closer to the present-day than usual: Mauro and Daria, as children, listen to Anna and Pietro noisily argue. This is teeing up Pietro’s arrival in an episode fittingly titled “The Fathers”, as he pulls into town while preparations for the Fire Festival are underway. No, that isn’t a fraudulent luxury music festival, it’s something that the residents of Curon do before “the deep freeze” in order to “ward away evil spirits”. Why not?

What happened to Anna remains a mystery, and Mauro and Daria wonder what might have happened and whether Albert was involved. Thomas, who explains how he found her empty car in a ravine, reminds them that their mother is a strong woman. Pietro arrives at the hotel but Thomas confronts him with a shotgun and won’t let him speak to the kids; he leaves without incident for now, but we’ll be seeing more of him, I’m sure.

Meanwhile in Curon episode 4, Lukas 2 is loving life, crushing up pills and putting them in the cat’s milk (a bridge too far, obviously.) He’s also weirdly camp all of a sudden. At church, he apologizes to Micki again and she’s a little more receptive this time; he invites her to the pub tonight, one assumes hoping to woo her with his sudden maverick attitude.

Daria and Mauro debate Pietro, but they’re interrupted by Micki, who confronts them about their family ruining lives. Micki and Daria fight briefly but Giulio breaks it up. At the pub, Lukas 2 hatches a plan to rob the liquor store. Davide hassles him, so Lukas follows him into the bathroom and chokes him while sharing some cat facts.

The local priest goes to see Thomas and tells him about his grandchildren putting on a show in front of the church. He tells him that the lake won’t be placated until the last of the Rainas is put into the ground. “We’ll make you disappear,” he says, which doesn’t sound promising.

Lukas 2 returns home to find his dad crying over Figaro. He smugly explains that he knew he loved the cat more than him, and then acts all creepy, terrifying his father. Meanwhile, Giulio takes Micki to the weed cabin, which is his escape plan to get out of Curon; he plans to sell a load at the festival. Giulio suggests they go to the cabin to find out if Daria was telling the truth — he hates Albert, remember, and clearly thinks he might be capable of something. At the cabin, they find the bloodstains and the cutting implements, which doesn’t bode well.

Berger speaks with Thomas at Lili’s grave, and Thomas tells him to burn all Anna’s things. Giulio and Micki return home, meanwhile, and tell Klara what they found in the cabin. She doesn’t want to hear it. They go to the pub after, where Lukas is peddling free drinks. At the Fire Festival, he leads Micki away “to talk”. Pietro arrives at the pub, meanwhile, and speaks with Mauro and Daria. He explains how he used to drink a lot and Anna would set him off, but he never hit her, apparently, which doesn’t explain why Anna was so afraid of him. He details the argument we saw at the top of the episode. When the kids intervened, Pietro pushed Mauro and he banged his head, which caused his hearing loss. Mauro isn’t happy with this news and storms off.

Outside, Daria runs into Giulio, who gives her some weed and comes along to help find Mauro. Lukas, meanwhile, confesses his love for Micki, who has to explain that she’s only attracted to girls. She tries to leave and he handles her, so she slaps him. This is all intercut with eerie scenes of the Fire Festival; an effigy burns as Lukas attacks her, but Mauro saves her.

While Daria gets high, Giulio explains how he went to the cabin and is trying to make sense of it all. He doesn’t smoke usually, but Daria talks him into it. He compliments her on her punch and awkwardly invites her to the gym so they can “work out, or something.” This bonding scene is mirrored by Mauro and Micki, who are having their own conversation in the boathouse. They too discuss how Micki went to the cabin, but they also discuss Lukas; she shares what Lukas 1 said about being hunted down by his lookalike.

As Curon season 1, episode 4 ends, we see Klara smash a family photograph, Pietro crying while staring into the fire, and Daria and Mauro discussing what Micki said about Lukas. They decide they need to tell Thomas, who is currently steaming drunk — bad news since Lukas 2 starts a fire on the property. Thomas sees Anna in the flames and collapses, bringing the episode to an end.

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