Curon season 1, episode 6 recap – “The Wolves” get a good meal

June 10, 2020
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In its penultimate episode, “The Wolves”, Curon arranges the pieces for its finale as more lives are lost.



In its penultimate episode, “The Wolves”, Curon arranges the pieces for its finale as more lives are lost.

This recap of Curon season 1, episode 6, “The Wolves”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Curon episode 6 opens with a flashback to Anna 2 kidnapping Anna 1 and explaining that there’s a reason she’s spared her. She cuts her hair to match Anna 1’s and interrogates her about whether she’s still seeing Pietro — clearly learning more about her so that she can more effectively impersonate her. This is all occurring in the cabin when Daria and Mauro were outside, right before Albert and Thomas arrived to take them home. The light Mauro saw inside was them.

In the present-day, Mauro and Daria are heading out. Anna 2 doesn’t believe their excuse, so they trick her into the spare bedroom and lock her inside, letting her know that they’re aware she’s the imposter. Anna 2 finds herself once again imprisoned in that dingy room, which must sting a bit.

Micki and Giulio are also on their way out; Klara has made them cookies, but she’s behaving oddly. After what we saw at the end of the previous episode, is this Klara 2, or has the doppelganger not made her presence known yet? Klara gives the kids an ominous speech telling them that whatever happens, she’ll always love both of them. Giulio and Micki don’t know what to believe, but they take a rifle and head out. Shortly after they leave, Klara confesses to Albert that it’s happening to her: “She’s coming soon. It’s over.” Albert says no, not as long as he’s here, and hugs his wife, which I think is the first genuine moment of compassion we’ve seen between them. He’s going to get the rifle to make a stand, obviously not realizing that the weapon isn’t there anymore.

Lukas’s father, Matteo, has invited Father Luigi to speak with him, given everything that has happened lately. Lukas is utterly dismissive of the entire thing; the lake monsters are clearly not as given to godfearing piety as their originals, though something admittedly seems off about Luigi, too.

Thomas returns to the hotel and hears Anna 2 locked upstairs. She claims to be the original but he has no way of knowing. He enters the room with his shotgun, saying she’s not his daughter, but she’s incensed by this, asking if she isn’t his daughter why else would he have looked after her, cut her hair, hugged her? He says she’s all he had left. He makes her turn around and puts the gun to her head.

In the woods, the kids discuss the Plain of the Dead, a labyrinthine World War II bunker. Mauro thinks something isn’t right, that he’s being watched. They all continue to bond, though, especially Daria and Giulio.

When we cut back to the hotel, Berger arrives, and Thomas is surprised to see him still standing. He tells him that Anna 2 is locked upstairs and refuses to tell him where his daughter is — she says they can all live together like a family, but Berger insists it’s impossible to live with the shadows. She killed Lili. She can’t be trusted.

As Albert and Klara prepare to defend the house, sans rifle, the lights go out. The doppelganger’s here. Albert says that this family only exists because of her and he’ll protect her at any cost.

In the woods, Daria goes off to pee, and Giulio joins her on the vague pretext that they shouldn’t be alone. Mauro asks Micki what she thinks her doppelganger would be like. He says Anna 2 freaks him out because it seems like she really loves them. They hear a strange noise, and as Mauro goes to investigate it, an unseen assailant knocks Micki unconscious. The group reunites to discover Micki is missing, but they hear a distant cry of “Help me!” and give chase.

Klara 2 makes her presence known with an obvious homage to The Shining as she chops her way through a door. In a tense sequence, she roams the house, but Albert seizes her from behind. Klara 2 berates Klara 1, calling her weak for spending her life with a man who doesn’t love her, and the original tells Albert to kill her doppelganger — he does, slicing her throat.

Back in the woods, the kids find Micki, and Lukas holds them at gunpoint, while Thomas continues to interrogate Anna 2. Lukas ties all of the kids up and douses them in petrol. Lukas explains that they found out what he is so he has no choice in killing them — Mauro asks him if he really wants to, which shouldn’t really be a question, should it, since Lukas has been playing basically a cartoon villain ever since he was replaced?

Elsewhere, Thomas is waterboarding Anna 2, while Albert loads Klara 2 into the back of his truck. Klara thinks they can start afresh, but he says that while he’s always protected her and always will, he doesn’t love her — it has always been that way. Now that Anna has returned, he has to go to her. Harsh, but she’s alive, so I suppose it’s fair. Albert goes to the hotel and hears the commotion upstairs. He finds Thomas torturing Anna 2, and knocks him unconscious. Anna 2 tells him that the kids are at the Plain of the Dead.

Berger arrives in the woods to save the kids, and he’s able to, but not without cost. He takes a bullet from Lukas, but is able to break his neck from behind. Afterward, the kids cradle him and he dies. They find shelter for the night, an empty cabin, but someone has to keep watch while the others rest. Mauro volunteers and Micki offers to stay up with him, which is no surprise.

The big twist in Curon season 1, episode 6: Klara, while cleaning up her doppelganger’s blood, is greeted by Klara 2, who explains that once they become doubles they can’t be separated that way. Klara 1 simply asks her twin to kill her, suggesting she might have a better life than she had. Let’s ponder the logistics, here. We know that the doppelganger can kill the original and go on alone since that’s what happened with Lukas and Albert. So the immortality thing only works one way? And once the original is dead, can the clone then be killed relatively easily? By this logic, since Lukas 1 was killed by Lukas 2, is he now dead for good? Or is he about to make a comeback as well?

Anyway, Daria and Giulio lose their respective virginities; Mauro and Micki discuss what it’s like to fall for someone in Curon, which seems the worst possible place to find a soulmate. The latter says if she was into guys, she’d like to find a guy like him.

Curon season 1, episode 6 ends with wolves amassing, as Anna 2 leads Thomas’s so-called “domesticated” wolf inside. She leaves it with him as she and Albert leave. The pack of wolves in the woods start feasting on Lukas and Berger’s bodies.

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