Curon season 1, episode 7 – looking for an ending in “The Maze”

June 10, 2020
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“The Maze” rounds off an impressive debut season of this supernatural thriller while leaving plenty of room for a follow-up.



“The Maze” rounds off an impressive debut season of this supernatural thriller while leaving plenty of room for a follow-up.

This recap of Curon season 1, episode 7, “The Maze”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Curon episode 7, the finale, opens with Anna, dreamingly looking over a red-tinted swimming pool that Daria and Mauro are both swimming in. They nag her to join them, but it’s a vision. As Anna reaches towards them and eventually jumps in, the real Anna, still captive, is able to reach for something to pick the lock of her restraints with.

“The Maze” then returns to Thomas in the hotel, so we can see what happened between him and the wolf. He’s able to muzzle it, and then sets it free. So he’s still in the game for the finale, which feels right.

Out in the woods, Klara 2 buries Klara 1 in the snowy earth as Albert and Anna get into it in a truck, seemingly unconcerned with their children, who are fresh, rested, and ready for action, though there’s still some disagreement between them, especially with Micki and Daria.

As Anna 2 and Albert set out on the kids’ trail, Klara 2 goes to see Thomas, who is also preparing to leave, and says she can’t find her husband — she’s concerned for the lives of her children and wants to go with him. She confesses to Thomas that she knows Albert’s a doppelganger, and so can relate to what Thomas has lived with. He agrees that she can come along.

Thanks to Giulio’s dodgy tracking abilities, the kids end up going in a circle. This causes an even bigger rift to open up between them, as Daria rightly blames Micki of attacking Giulio because she wants to attack her. Micki uses a scream to outline the shape of the valley, and they set off again, presumably in the right direction this time.

On their trail, Albert and Anna 2 don’t seem to be on entirely the same page as they enter the bunker, which one assumes is the maze of the title. Albert’s beef is, I think, that this Anna isn’t quite the same Anna he fell in love with, but then again he’s not the same Albert who fell in love with her, so I’m not sure how much sense this makes as motivation. Nevertheless, the kids spot Albert’s car and figure out both that he has freed Anna 2 and that they’re on their way to murder their parents — by the way, has everyone, including Albert, forgotten that the original Albert died in the lake? Am I missing something?

Anyway, in the bunker, the kids discover a grave full of bones; Micki surmises that it might be the Italian soldiers who fought off the Nazi invasion, but since the Nazis never arrived, who killed them? Thomas and Klara 2 happen upon the bodies of Lukas and Berger, now half-buried under snow and picked at by wolves. Thomas knows the kids are at the Plain of the Dead, information he shares with Klara 2, but he has another medical episode.

Anna 2 and Albert reach Anna 1’s location and discover she has freed herself; Anna 2 gets pretty irrational about this, blaming him for suggesting she let her starve to death — that is an odd thing — and worrying that the kids will find her. She cracks her head against the wall to help convince the kids that she’s Anna 1, though exactly how she plans to do that remains to be seen. The kids find Anna 1’s bindings almost immediately afterward. They continue exploring, but Mauro dopily finds himself alone, as does Daria. In a rather contrived moment, both find an Anna. “The Maze” mirrors these two meetings, with both kids interrogating their Anna to try and decipher is she’s the original or the doppelganger.

Micki and Giulio, meanwhile, run into Albert. Micki aims the gun at him, but he appeals to her as her dad. When she briefly turns around he disarms her and tells the pair of them to wait for him outside. Speaking of which, Thomas and Klara 2 pull up, but Thomas collapses again and Klara 2 leaves him outside.

Naturally, Daria and Mauro run into each other with both Annas, and we have the classic who’s who moment. (Remember, Anna 2 has the bump on her head!) Albert arrives with the rifle and starts waving it around. The original Anna appeals to Albert, who concedes that he’s a monster and that neither of the Annas is his. Anna 1 and 2 begin to fight, and Albert shoots one of them in the back, before shooting himself in the head. Both Annas have their hoods up, so it’s very difficult to tell which is which, even now. The surviving Anna claims to be their mother, but Mauro isn’t convinced. She flees and he gives chase while Daria caresses the body of the other Anna. Eventually, she leaves too.

The kids eventually catch up with Anna, who begs Daria to take her home. Mauro points the gun at her, walking her back towards the cliff edge. She falls, grasping for the edge and Daria’s hands. Thomas arrives, and both he and Mauro beg her to let go. With an, “I love you, sweetie,” Anna herself let’s go; as she falls, it looks very much like there’s a wound on her head, meaning she’s Anna 2. Klara 2 finds Micki and Giulio in the bunker.

Everyone returns in Thomas’s truck, but he has to stop suddenly for a wolf that crosses into the path. There looks to be a brief moment of understanding between Thomas and the animal — I assumed it would act fearful of Klara, giving away that she’s a doppelganger, but there was nothing so explicit.

With everyone back home, Klara takes the kids to the original Albert’s grave — Giulio says that means they’re the children of the monster, and Micki has an odd episode. She confesses how she turned a blind eye to how Albert treated Guilio because he was kind to her; she blames herself.

The priest, Ober, digs up Lukas’s body and delivers it to Matteo. His voiceover, addressing his congregation, states that the lake has been reawakened and that the Rainas must be destroyed before the curse destroys everything. Daria and Mauro get in bed with Thomas. Both Daria and Micki experience excruciating headaches, and beneath the frozen lake their doppelgangers pound in the ice, trying to break out.

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