Lenox Hill episode 6 recap – what happened in “Night of the Dead”?

June 10, 2020
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Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” shows family spirits, fighters, and sad moments in another emotional chapter.

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Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” shows family spirits, fighters, and sad moments in another emotional chapter.

This recap of Netflix documentary series Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” contains episode-specific information.

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How does Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” open?

Episode 6 begins with Mirtha talking about her first experience with death at 11 years old; her grandmother was very ill and the family spent their last dying moments with her. She explains how she was surprisingly not scared by death.


Patient Jack does not want to leave the hospital and John wants to make sure he is prepared — he is looking into options for Avastin and encourages Jack to fight. In an upsetting scene, Jack says he just wants to die. John cannot gauge if he wants to die before the wedding or after. Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” provides a downcast moment between doctor and patient.

An inspiration

John and David see patient Marie about how they are going to take the tumor out of her head — a supramaximal resection. Marie is an inspiration, she’s so enthusiastic about taking it on. David does the operation on her. The team completely gets the tumor out but they need to check out some cells at pathology first — they have to go back in and go deeper and get rid of a few more cells. Episode 6 shows a bright, heroic young girl taking it on and when she wakes up she says, “I’m perfect”.


Chris is back in the hospital to have an MRI after his devastating news last episode. He’s very frustrated and has a steroid reaction and starts getting very angry. His partner is exhausted. John explains how it is difficult to take out every cancer cell in the brain — it may take years for a dormant cell to grow. Many scenes in this docuseries show sadness but seeing this frustration from Chris was just as upsetting.


Amanda and Kevin go for their latest check-up on the baby. They ask questions about their due baby’s abnormalities. The couple is admirably focused on the arrival of this baby despite the issues that will arise.

More bad news

John has to tell clinical trial patient Agy bad news — he can’t tell if the MRI is showing inflammation or if the tumor has got worse. John seems beaten up by it. Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” shows that as the series wears on, there’s just as much good news as bad working in this environment.

Unexpected results

John looks at Chris’s new scan and it looks better for some reason. John states that it will never go away but the problem is between receptors and speech. He wants to see Chris again in a month.

Halloween means a busy night.

It’s Halloween and Mirtha is expecting a busy night in the ER. She’s found that since having a baby there is an emotional perspective towards her work. Mirtha felt frustrated at one family with one mother with five children and no social support — she feels she needs to help so arranges travel and expenses to get them home.

We look forward to your return

There’s a staff event and Mitchell is there and they all wish for him to return when he’s recovered. The staff is in high spirits. The episode ends with some text telling us that Agy died after her courageous battle with cancer and Jack danced at his daughter’s wedding but passed away 3 months later. Lenox Hill episode 6, “Night of the Dead” shows family spirits, fighters, and sad moments in another emotional chapter.


Mirtha Macri, DO — Emergency Medicine

Amanda Little-Richardson, MD — Chief Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology

David Langer, MD — Chair, Neurosurgery

John Boockvar, MD — Vice Chair, Neurosurgery

Rafael Ortiz, MD — Chief of Neuroendovascular Neurosurgery

Sherese Fralin, NP — Director of Advanced Practice Nursing

Eran Bornstein, MD — Vice Chair of Obstetrics

Mitchell Levine, MD — Director of Spine Surgery

Jill Kalman, MD — Executive Director, Lenox Hill Hospital

Nancy Lipsitz, MD — Anesthesiology

Amanda Amarin, Manager — External, Relations, Neurosciences

Kenneth Court, Director of IT — Neurosurgery

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