Crossing Swords season 1 review – a rather adult stop motion animation Oh squire.



Crossing Swords is worth a shout but parents, do not be fooled by the promotional material; do not show this to the kids.

Hulu series Crossing Swords season 1 will be out on the platform on June 12, 2020. This review of the animation contains no spoilers.

The most immediate and impressive element of Crossing Swords is its stop motion animation; its highly creative nature, using scraps you could easily form from your kitchen with a splash of paint, gives a crafts-like feel to it. There’s evidently a genuine effort to mold these characters together with quick-wit and humor.

Patrick wants to be the best Knight in the land, impressing the monarchy while navigating the crazy world he resides in. Noticeably, despite it being a stop motion animation, Crossing Swords is not a Hulu series that you should plonk your kids in front of. The language is descriptive and vulgar, adding to the comedy.

In the opening episode, Patrick wants to become a squire that involves jousting; the episode involves plenty of expletives, use of the words t*ts and a woman desperate to take Patrick’s virginity. Crossing Swords is the most adult animation can get with a careless, fun approach, forgetting a standard benchmark, and allowing any language to flow.

Crossing Swords’ actions refuse to be in halves either; the creators decide to have fun with the figures and show two characters banging together to represent sex. It’s a very strange world of stop motion animation but its very easy to be absorbed by it.

Hulu series Crossing Swords season 1 is worth a shout but parents, do not be fooled by the promotional material; do not show this to the kids.

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