Whispers season 1, episode 2 recap – “Arwa’s Obsession” room with a view



“Arwa’s Obsession” hones in on Hassan’s business and his relationship with Arwa as more secrets are revealed.

This recap of Whispers season 1, episode 2, “Arwa’s Obsession”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Whispers episode 2 was slightly longer than the premiere, and for the most part, it felt it. But “Arwa’s Obsession”, which shifted focus to its title character and Hassan’s business, was smart to save its real zingers for the very end, as we eventually caught up to a previous scene with some additional context.

A lot was new material though, as we were introduced to Arwa’s shady husband, Omar, and were treated to a flashback of Hassan inviting her to work with him in the first place. They become partners with respective ownership stakes, though at various points Arwa has to remind the driven Hassan that she’s his partner when he continues to frame the company’s success as “his” success.

A crucial dynamic emerges in these flashbacks as we see Hassan insist that Arwa sever all ties with his sister, Lama, in order to be a partner at the company. It turns out Hassan and Lama have had a dispute over their inheritance and Hassan doesn’t want her knowing details of the company. But in the present-day, Lama calls Arwa asking if she has been able to access the application, so it’s obvious this particular promise wasn’t kept. They have “an arrangement” that they’re apparently sticking to, but Arwa can’t get through the laptop’s password protection.

This is, obviously, the laptop that Arwa delivered to Amal in the opening episode; we hear that call about the missing phone from Arwa’s perspective this time. Arwa also receives the same dodgy calls and pictures. With Omar disappearing all the time, Arwa enlists Khaled, a techie from the company, to trace the calls, which lead back to a hotel.

By the time we catch back up to the previous episode’s cliffhanger, “Arwa’s Obsession” has plenty of moving parts to handle. Arwa is waiting on a call from the hotel. Things are tense between her and Lama, but Arwa is hoping that Amal can unlock the laptop so that she can then use it to access the application. In the meantime, the hotel concierge calls and informs her that Lama stayed at the hotel, not Hassan. Arwa asks him to check if Omar stayed there also — he did. Arwa learns this right as Amal accuses Lama of killing Hassan, on the grounds that she called him right before he died. Arwa, suspecting Lama and Omar, accuses her too, and that’s where we leave Whispers season 1, episode 2.

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