Whispers season 1, episode 3 recap – “Sawsan’s Fear” who's the daddy

June 12, 2020
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“Sawsan’s Fear” focuses on character rather than business to strong effect as more wrinkles emerge.

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“Sawsan’s Fear” focuses on character rather than business to strong effect as more wrinkles emerge.

This recap of Whispers season 1, episode 3, “Sawsan’s Fear”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Whispers episode 3 opens with the now-familiar sight of Hassan on the phone in his car. He’s talking to Sawsan: “One more day and I’ll explain everything,” he says, and then of course he dies.

Sawsan has a confidante; she speaks to him on the phone (we later learn it’s Khaled) and says that there are lots of things she’s suspicious about; she has to tell Amal about the secret she and Hassan had. Already, “Sawsan’s Fear” has presented some intriguing questions totally removed from Hassan’s business, which dominated proceedings in the previous episode.

In flashback, we see Sawsan working at Hassan’s company, but she’s open about only doing so in order to travel. Hassan wants her and Waad to eventually run the company, but this isn’t something Sawsan seems keen on. During that awkward post-burial lunch she shares with Waad and Amal, which we see again from her side of the table, she says that she feels guilty for none of Hassan’s family being there (remember, we learned in the previous episode that Amal sped up burial proceedings and denied an autopsy.)

In another flashback we see Waad getting into the world of hacking with Hassan. Sawsan is a bit jealous that Hassan isn’t her biological father; in the present-day, she tells Waad that she envies the grief she’s feeling.

We revisit Amal receiving those first incoming calls from Hassan again, right up to the moment when Sawsan says she’s going out to buy clothes for the funeral, which was suspicious at the time. She has something to tell Amal, but “it can wait.” This is where we deviate, as she meets with Khaled, who is the only person who knows about the messages she received before Hassan’s death. They were from someone claiming to be her biological father; they insisted that they wanted to contact her for a long time but Hassan prevented it. We see this in flashback. Hassan says what Sawsan is doing will destroy their home. He asks for two days to fix it all. Then he died, as we know. Sawsan is afraid her real father killed Hassan. She asks Khaled to log onto the database and find out who’s claiming to be her father.

Sawsan also receives the photos and asks Khaled to find out who the woman with Hassan is. Everyone seems to be keeping Khaled busy.

Whispers¬†season 1, episode 3 once again catches up to Lama and Arwa arriving at the house, though from this angle we see Amal was out when they arrived, “getting things for the funeral.” Sawsan has to cover for her, which is why she leads them through to the study — so they can’t see her enter through the back door.

Once Amal returns we see her accusing Lama once again. We also see Sawsan receive a message from Khaled. She suddenly agrees with Amal that someone is behind Hassan’s death.

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