Whispers season 1, episode 4 recap – “Lama’s Secrets”

June 12, 2020
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“Lama’s Secrets” begin to spill out as we’re treated to many new scenes and plenty of intriguing information.

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“Lama’s Secrets” begin to spill out as we’re treated to many new scenes and plenty of intriguing information.

This recap of Whispers season 1, episode 4, “Lama’s Secrets”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Whispers episode 4 opens with Hassan once again on the phone to Lama in the pre-credits sequence, and with a title like “Lama’s Secrets”, it’s no surprise that this installment is focusing on her. We see Lama being driven to the hotel and calling someone to let them know she’s just arrived; whatever the person wants to discuss she can’t do it over the phone. She agrees with the driver’s sentiment that family is the most important thing — but does she really?

In flashback we see Lama meet with Hassan. She tells him she recommended his company for a big development project for the Ministry of Commerce in the hopes of repairing their relationship. He doesn’t trust her, though, since she’s still angry about him taking the bulk of the inheritance. He says outright that he doesn’t trust or believe her.

In the hotel, Lama calls Arwa asking if she has been able to access the application — remember, we saw this from Arwa’s perspective in her episode. Lama gets a call, apparently from Hassan, and has a pretty regular conversation with whoever is on the other end. The number calls back, but Lama only hears static. When she tries to call back, the number can’t be reached.

Who should turn up next but Omar, who is married to Lama. In the past we see Lama claiming she would never betray Hassan or anyone close to her, and that she never has, but that isn’t the impression we get in the present day. In the flashback, Hassan reveals that he told Arwa to cut ties with her but she was too stupid to listen. Lama looks shocked when Hassan says she stole Arwa’s husband. Lama says she didn’t steal him — he came to her. Hassan asks how Arwa will feel when she finds out, and Lama says probably the same way Amal will when she finds out about Samar. This is news.

Whispers (Netflix) season 1, episode 4 recap - "Lama's Secrets"

We see Lama meet with this Samar in the present day — she has the black and white picture with Hassan that has been sent to everyone’s phones. Samar says that yesterday Hassan called her and said he found out who his son was, which panics Lama, who tells her that she should disappear. Samar, though, has had enough of that; she wants to meet Hassan’s family. Samar has a son — Hassan’s? Lama talks her out of this, or at least tries, and placates her with an assurance that the app launch will be going ahead.

We also see Lama talking Arwa into taking her share of the company, despite Arwa being concerned what they’re doing might destroy him. Arwa is worried Hassan will try to take over the whole company. Lama is flagrantly manipulative and clearly holds a major grudge over her brother.

We also learn in Whispers episode 4 learn that Badr, the nosey journalist, has been put to the task by Lama, who reminds him of their duty to the truth. But when the photos later start getting out, we see Lama show some semblance of guilt, as though she realizes she might have gone too far.

Lama arrives at Amal’s house once again, as this time we see Waad take her to the guest room. But Lama doesn’t want to be alone so asks to go to her room instead, so they can chat. Lama asks what happened to her, and Waad says psychological trauma in the past stopped her from speaking. Hassan designed the app she uses to speak. Waad asks Lama what her relationship with Hassan was like when they were little. Lama says they were very close. She tearfully reminisces about childhood. Waad shows her the black and white photo of Hassan and Samar and reveals they have been receiving calls and messages. Lama looks worried.

Arwa is frosty with Lama (we know why) and Sawsan’s eyes are on her phone (we also know why). Amal makes her accusation, and Lama flips out that everyone is looking at her. Arwa asks her outright about going to the Orchid Hotel, where Hassan’s phone is. Waad says they’re all liars — out loud! And that’s where Whispers season 1, episode 4, “Lama’s Secrets”, comes to an end.

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