Whispers season 1, episode 8 recap – “Hassan” finally reveals all… or does it?

June 12, 2020
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“Hassan” lays it all out for a dramatic finale in which most of the truth is revealed, except one crucial detail. Who’s for a second season?

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“Hassan” lays it all out for a dramatic finale in which most of the truth is revealed, except one crucial detail. Who’s for a second season?

This recap of Whispers season 1, episode 8, “Hassan”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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Whispers episode 8, the finale, begins with Waad and Hassan talking. He confesses something has been bothering him and that he knows Waad and Amal must have noticed; he tells her the story of how he met and married Samar. She asks why he’s thinking of this now, and he explains that Samar is back, claiming that he’s the father of her child. He feels he has a responsibility to them both. But he assures Waad, “As long as your father is still breathing, everything will be alright.” I guess we know how that turns out.

At Sawsan’s exhibition, Arwa tells Hassan about an opportunity that has been presented to them — a proposal from Lama, of all people. Arwa begs Hassan to put their personal relationship aside and act rationally. Hassan runs into Samar there, which we saw in her episode.

As we revisit various earlier scenes from Hassan’s perspective, we eventually see the moment Hassan was informed that Samar had arrived five months earlier with her “brother”, Khaled. This is why Hassan requests a copy of Khaled’s contract from HR. This is when Sawsan confronts him about forbidding Walid from contacting her.

Having presumably put two and two together, Hassan speaks with Khaled at the office. He’s very complimentary of him; he asks him what his goals are, and what he really wants to achieve, all with moist eyes. This scene is very much a mirror of the one in the previous episode since Khaled doesn’t know that Hassan has figured out who he is, and thus how meaningful what he’s saying is — it’s basically a confession.

Whispers episode 8 shows how all these secrets and revelations affected the marriage of Hassan and Amal, and the strain he was under. He asks Samar to meet urgently, and speaks with Sawsan about Walid, explaining that he’s a threat to the whole family. We gloss over the scene in which he threatened Samar, and instead go to another in which Hassan drafts an email proposing changes to the company shares. He plans to buy 10% of Arwa’s shares, and provide them to a third party who’ll be revealed at a later date. He brings Arwa into the office to tell her about the changes. She’s skeptical of his explanation and doesn’t take the news well.

It’s Khaled who records Hassan clueing Amal into his computer password, but during the first attempt, Waad interrupts them. She tells him that his app is vulnerable and that, with the help of a hacker, she was able to gain access to personal information. She was trying to help but Hassan is furious. He tells her to give him all the data that was retrieved, to go home, and cut ties with the hacker.

Nevertheless, Hassan later apologizes to Waad and thanks her for saving the application. Back at the office, Hassan decides not to meet with someone and right after receives a message from that person saying they’ve been waiting 20 years to meet him — Hassan rushes to his car and gives chase, which we saw in the opening of a previous episode.

As it turns out, Ibrahim is Walid. He has been pulling the strings the whole time. Everyone’s truth comes out at Amal’s house, courtesy of Khaled, who really does know everything. As everyone continues to argue, the question of the exact nature of Hassan’s death is raised by Sawsan — did Walid/Ibrahim really do it, or was it just an accident? As everyone continues to argue, the workers arrive to set up the funeral arrangements.

Whispers season 1, episode 8 visits the scene of Hassan’s accident, as we see that he was still alive after the initial crash. He’s able to reach for his phone, as headlights flare up in the background. They get closer, and as they do, Hassan looks up at a face he clearly recognizes. We don’t see who it is.

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