Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 recap and breakdown Separation.



Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 ends the short drama series bringing good performances all-round and brings a happy conclusion.

This recap of Viki Original series Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 open?

Episode 7 & 8 begins with Kang Gook returning to the house and Han Tae Joo is not there. He tracks down his last location, evidently concerned about his whereabouts and regretting the argument that they had. Kim Pil Hyun tells Kang Gook that he told Han Tae Joo that he saw them both kissing in the backyard and the Chairman took him and is taken him to England — Kim Pil Hyun apologizes but the damage is done — Kang Gook punches him.


Han Tae Joo tells his father that only he liked Kang Gook and it was not reciprocal — his father calls him weak, just like his mother and it was a mistake housing them both together. Kang Gook arrives at the house — the security guard punches him to the floor. Kang Gook gets back up and wins the fight — he doesn’t want Han Tae Joo to suffer from anymore separation. He fights more security guards to get to Han Tae Joo. Kang Gook looks at Han Tae Joo through the window as he fights narrating that he finally understands.

Episode 8 

Kang Gook finally gets inside the house. The father calls him a good bodyguard despite everything. Kang Gook wants to talk for five minutes. The security guards keep on hitting Kang Gook. Han Tae Joo blurts out that he will go to England after seeing the pain Kang Gook is going through. In return, Han Tae Joo wants a moment with Kang Gook. Han Tae Joo tends to Kang Gook’s wounds. Kang Gook admits to liking Han Tae Joo as they hug.

Kang Gook tells Han Tae Joo to have a safe trip to England and states that they both have different paths to walk. Han Tae Joo says he wants to live a happy life — “So I’ll come back”.


I believe the next scenes are a little further in the future — he tells Hyemi and her mother that he wishes to go to Japan for a while. He’s been working at a rice cake shop and the woman who owns it gives him extra cash so he can enjoy his trip.

How does Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 end?

Hyemi asks Kim Pil Hyun if he’s rung Han Tae Joo before Kang Gook leaves for Japan — Hyemi’s mother seems to be the one that is the most impacted by this news that he’s leaving. Kang Gook narrates that it has been three years since Han Tae Joo left and he wants to forget him. Suddenly, Han Tae Joo sits on a bench nearby and tells him he has gotten more handsome and asks why he is running away. Han Tae Joo plays with Kang Gook’s ear and then they kiss. Where Your Eyes Linger episode 7 & 8 ends the short drama series bringing good performances all-round and brings a happy conclusion.

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