Love, Victor season 1 review – a charming and soft coming-out teen spin-off

June 16, 2020
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Love, Victor season 1 is a crowd-pleaser with impactful messages that the fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

This review of Hulu series Love, Victor season 1 contains no spoilers. The drama will be released on the platform on June 17, 2020.

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There’s some slight predictability with Love, Victor because, from the first chapter, it’s easy to read where the story is heading. But that’s beside the point — as a spin-off to the movie Love, Simon, there’s a real expectation to provide salient messages in the plot.

Our lead character Victor (played by Michael Cimino) attends the very same high school as Simon, providing a nostalgic link to the film. In the opening scenes, Victor is excited at the prospect of becoming who he wants to be, a need of his he could not quite manage in Texas, due to the lack of progressive understanding in his community. Love, Victor, however, suggests the concept of stamping your identity is excruciatingly difficult.

The Hulu series provides the notion that heterosexual norms hinder Victor to climb the mountain and “come out”. Love, Victor plays out several themes; what does it take to be the popular school kid? How do I fit in? How do I gauge my determined life with my less progressive family? Love, Victor is a charming, painful, but soft coming-out story merged within the coming-of-age genre and a worthy companion to the film.

And the tone and style are right, which begs the question — for a series that was originally destined for Disney+, you do wonder where Love, Victor went wrong to be discarded by the media giant. I can only assume the adult themes of puberty and sex derailed the series from the family platform but it’s easy to see how it could have been edited so it could serve families — it would have been the right message to bring a story that educates the kids with a Latino leading cast.

And the LGBTQ+ community will undoubtedly question Disney’s true motives; a frustration that is widely understood but at the same time, Love, Victor needs a platform and Hulu became its place. 10 episodes long and 30 minutes each, season 1 introduces us to a range of characters, quirky and engaging, and the story does not just bring the “coming-out” arc to the fray; it tackles the hardships of families, the tests of teenage relationships, and the loving and supportive nature of the LGBTQ+ community.

The writing clearly has the audience in mind — despite Victor’s actions, it’s easy to feel propelled to protect him and give him a long, comforting hug. The episodes are built on sympathy with a slight comedic air so that the lead character is championed all the way to the end.

Plenty of audiences will question the suitability of whether Season 2 will be necessary. The answer is yes — this story deserves to be fleshed out rather than be a one-season teaser. It has legs on a few story strands that extend beyond the core message. Love, Victor season 1 is a crowd-pleaser with impactful messages that the fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

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