The Titan Games season 2, episode 4 recap – the best round of the season thus far

June 16, 2020
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A new region, new Titans, and the best individual round of the season thus far make for a fine West debut.

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A new region, new Titans, and the best individual round of the season thus far make for a fine West debut.

This recap of The Titan Games season 2, episode 4 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s time to determine who’s the best in the West. And that means two new Titans: former NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz and American Ninja Warrior stand-out and professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff.

To take them on, two brothers, Noah and Eric, who showed up believing they were going to be competing together but are promptly informed by the Rock that they’ll be going up against each other. I’m not buying that they didn’t know that, but no matter — it’s time for Chain Linked.

These two are ten years apart and they both look like dorks, but they’re standout athletes in different branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and you can tell immediately. Eric, the older brother, wins, but not by much. It’ll be interesting to see their next bout.

Meet the West women in The Titan Games season 2, episode 4: Natalie Talbert, whose daughter and Kenyan sister have both had some pretty monumental health challenges; and weight-lifting tomboy and Only the Brave-style forest firefighter Kelly Valdez. They’re competing on Launch Pad while Jessie Graff is already stretching in anticipation off-camera.

Kelly, a real powerhouse, dominates the first game pretty handily. We return to Noah and Eric for Kick Out. For the first time this season, both competitors reach the final piston at the same time. I suppose that’s fitting for two brothers who have basically the same build. But Eric falls! High drama, but he’s able to clamber back up without losing too much ground. Noah, though, is able to hold his lead and wins, bringing the series 1-1. We’re going to a tie-breaker.

Natalie and Kelly square off on Over the Edge, which seems pretty well-suited to Kelly if you ask me. And there’s drama right from the off as Kelly with her power advantage almost wins instantly. But the tide changes. Kelly, though, changes tactics, slinging the rope over her shoulder and marching forward with it. It’s enough to give her the advantage and the 2-0 victory.

Eric and Noah square off for the Herculean Pull, which is their tie-breaker. Once again, they find themselves on the final obstacle at the same time. Eric gets a big lead, but Noah holds out — out of nowhere, he starts gaining ground! It’s so close! Eric changes strategy and gets the pole inches away from the finish, but Noah comes back again! Eric falls! Noah takes the lead but Eric climbs back up. Noah wins! Wow. That was the best individual round of the season thus far.

It’s time for Mount Olympus. Kelly takes on Jessie Graff; she has the strength and power advantage, but Graff is more agile. It’s close early, but Kelly has a clear advantage in the strength-based tasks, which the course is largely built around. Somehow, they end up in the same cage for the crawl. It doesn’t make much difference. Graff seems burnt out. She’s too spent to shift the ball and chain while Kelly drags it like it’s nothing. She wins, and comfortably at that.

Now it’s Noah and Victor Cruz. Noah takes an early lead. (Nice to see Eric cheering him on in the crowd.) Noah’s lead begins to rapidly increase. He wins easily, but that was a shocking outing from Cruz. Noah’s a very likable champion, but can he compete against guys like Matt Chan on Mount Olympus?

Both Jessie Graff and Victor Cruz will be back for the regional finals.

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