The Politician season 2, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

June 19, 2020
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The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” is a good final chapter as it teases whether Payton will finally get his big moment.

This recap of Netflix series The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” contain spoilers.

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How does The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” open?

Episode 7 begins with Alice on a farm, being schooled on how to milk sheep and a lesson on woman’s lacteal journey — it’s a place for expectant mothers. In the middle of the night, Astrid tells Alice she cannot do this anymore — “I can’t be a mother // will you come with me?”. Meanwhile, Dede and Payton prepare for their “rock, paper, scissors” by practicing. Payton seems brilliant at it while Dede keeps losing to Hadassah.

The abortion clinic.

Alice accompanies Astrid at the abortion clinic. She believed River made her pregnant once but she believes she doesn’t want kids — she insists it doesn’t make her less of a woman. Alice asks Astrid if she’ll be a good mother and states that she doesn’t know if she wants to do this without Payton. The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” gives the pro-choice message.

An intimate chat with the enemy

Meanwhile, as Dede and Hadassah head out to a bar, they see Payton singing and playing the piano — they are surprised at how good he is. Payton joins Dede and Hadassah on their table. They trade compliments on their campaigns and what they believe in. They both agree on how great it is in the political arena and Payton reveals what he would do on his first 100 days — they are shocked at his ‘out of the box’ and fresh ideas as he heads on to the piano again.

Rock, paper, scissors

At the City Hall, the stage is set for “rock, paper, scissors”. Dede wants to make a speech before they begin. She talks about how she’s become a great listener and she hears how young people are angry. She says Payton fights diligently for what is right and that the election was only close because a candidate inspired the young. Dede concedes the election to Payton Hobart — Senator Hobart. The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” shows how the night at the bar where Payton played the piano was the turning point.

I envy you

Alice returns and tells Payton that he won and that he was right for not turning in the ballot box — “I envy you because you know who you are”. She thinks she wants to go to medical school and Payton tells her she will make a great doctor. Alice is certain that she loves Payton and wants a family with him — she wants it a little ‘George and Amal’ and a little less ‘George and Martha’.

Be my VP

Georgina and Dede video call each other; Georgina explains how she only plans to be governor for a year and then she plans to run for the presidency. She asks Dede to become her vice-presidency candidacy and that after a term she won’t run again, paving the way for her to go for the presidency. Dede asks “why me?” and Georgina says she is far from finished — “The country needs you”.

Acceptance speech

Payton is freaking out that he didn’t actually win the election before his acceptance speech. McAfee tells him that they counted the votes in the ballot box and he genuinely won — “All those people in the retirement home voted for you”. Payton heads on to the stage to give a speech about the young and old — how he is ready to listen to both sides and that he is ready to serve Dede’s voters as well. He finishes the speech about overcoming challenges together and that if he goes against his promises, that they should vote him out — tears run down his face. The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” finally gives Payton his big moment.

Biggest accomplishments

Episode 7 then flits to two years later and Payton asks his team to list the achievements made so far; the all-electric city bus fleet, co-wrote the bill requiring every new high-rise in Manhattan to utilize a combined-heat-and-power source while incorporating solar panels into the design, added 300 EV charging stations across the city and fast-tracked permit approval for New York’s offshore wind operation. It’s clear he kept to his promises.

As Payton holds his child, Alice walks in after her first board exam. Payton wants to celebrate that this time they are unopposed but his team believed he was going to run a new campaign to be governor, congress, or US Senate. Payton says the last two years have been a revelation that a meaningful life is not all about ambition — he reminds them that they tackled the causes in front of them and suggests a toast for “two more years”. Also, Payton’s mother is about to be elected President.

How does The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” end?

While out for a jog with Hadassah, Dede wants to talk to Payton on a park bench. They congratulate each other on their successes. Dede tells Payton that his mother only intends to run for one term as president, which paves the way for her to run for president in four years and that she’d like Payton to be her running mate as VP. As he makes his decision, Payton sees River winking at him — he smirks at Dede and then the credits roll. We have a third season, folks. The Politician season 2, episode 7, “Election Day” is a good final chapter as it teases whether Payton will finally get his big moment.

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