The Politician season 2 review – Netflix provides a strong second outing Be who you are meant to be.



As audiences move through The Politician season 2, the question will remain — who is Payton Hobart? And the second season finally gives that answer.

This review of Netflix series The Politician season 2 contains no spoilers.

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Without sounding obvious, one of the main selling points of The Politician is its modern presentation on politics. With its slight satire, the Netflix series manages to dramatize current political approaches with an air of comedy about it, curtailing a serious story arc. The Politician season 2 is way more outrageous than its predecessor; for Payton, this is a serious chance for him to be a proper politician and unseat Dede Standish in the New York senate race.

And like its predecessor, The Politician season 2 examines the race from young eyes, the only difference is, Payton is not a broken, privileged man anymore. The leading character understands what he needs to do in order to take that seat with his trusted friends who form the campaign team.

Season 2 positions itself as a young politician navigating in an old, routine world — it’s all about “what we’ve always done around here” rather than facing the art of the possible. The Politician brings strong themes on the Climate Emergency that centers Payton’s campaign and is pushed strongly by Infinity, a strong activist in the New York state.

The Politician season 2 tackles perspectives of modern relationships and sexuality with the term “throuples” being the core of the storyline — if you cast your eyes back to season 1, Payton is provided with some early ammo when he learns that Dede has two male partners. Again, this is linked to views of traditionality and how younger generations embrace sexually fluid dynamics.

Moving through many other themes, the most engaging element of The Politician season 2 is Payton’s grasp on ethics and morality. Like in season 1, the lead character struggles to emanate his genuineness and sustain an authentic look. With a story arc comes development — “Be who you are,” rather than, “Fake it until you make it,” appears to be the slogan in the second season, but as always, that brings personal sacrifices and The Politician poses plenty of thematic questions.

Putting aside the themes that run through its blood, The Politician season 2 manages to maintain the quirkiness of its predecessor, remaining fun and exciting. All the characters still manage to gel together in their overdramatic ways in a city setting rather than a University campus.

As audiences move through Netflix’s The Politician season 2, the question will remain — who is Payton Hobart? And the second season finally gives that answer.

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