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“The Runaway Bridesmaid” sticks the landing in a near-perfect finale that works as a fitting culmination of all that has happened until this point. And it suggests there might be more.

This recap of Harley Quinn season 2, episode 13, “The Runaway Bridesmaid”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

“The Runaway Bridesmaid” had everything you might have wanted from the Season 2 finale of Harley Quinn. It was funny, it was violent, it was romantic, it was stuffed full of iconic Batman characters, it finally gave the neglected Kite Man the opportunity to stand up for himself, and it turned Jim Gordon into a trigger-happy cop as we remain in the midst of global protests against police brutality, so, you know… topical!

It might have been predictable, in a sense – I think everybody thought that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy would end up running into the sunset together, even if they didn’t know it would happen in quite these specific circumstances. But that’s largely beside the point. What matters is the culmination of both Harley and Ivy’s respective character arcs; a payoff for all the ups and downs they’ve had throughout a stellar season that has tested their relationship at every turn and ultimately forced both of them to realize what they truly want in life – each other. Aww!

Harley Quinn season 2, episode 13 begins with Ivy and Kite Man’s wedding underway while Harley languishes in Arkham Asylum, where she just wants to be left alone (in a fun gag, she explains how she’s just taking some time and then she’ll escape when she’s ready – the idea of anyone actually staying in Arkham is the funniest idea in Batman’s entire mythos at this point.)

Her salvation comes in the form of Two-Face, who helps her escape after incensing her with the idea that bonkers, obsessive Jim Gordon is going to be waiting to apprehend all the guests at Ivy’s wedding. As Ivy puts it: “If I can’t ruin my best friend’s wedding then no-one can.” Fair enough. This also, for what it’s worth, is a perfect way to cap off Gordon’s development as an increasingly unhinged cop whose hard work and attempts at traditional justice are constantly undermined by women in hot pants and men in bat suits. This is his opportunity to prove himself capable, and it doubles up as a means by which to get Harley out of Arkham and to her best friend’s wedding.

“The Runaway Bridesmaid” is smart to show plenty of the wedding before it all kicks off. We see Harley grapple with bridesmaid politics, we see the guests mingle, we see Gordon fashion a disguise with which to infiltrate the venue, we see Harley’s attempts to expose the plot only to be shut down and told to leave, and we see the half-hearted reading of vows just as it all starts to go bonkers. Including all this stuff worked for me, because it allowed us to see what might have been had a few slightly different decisions been made here and there. Kite Man gets so close to his ideal wedding that, when it all erupts into bullets and bloodshed, you can fully believe that he’s had enough. When Harley, an ordained minister, offers to marry them in the carnage, he decides against it. He knows Ivy is using him to avoid having to deal with her real feelings. He knows he deserves better.

It’s a nice ending for a character that has, if we’re being frank, mostly just been a plot device. He got some agency and he got his moment, and in having it he allowed Harley and Ivy to be together – fleeing the exploding venue in the wedding car, onto whatever adventures await them next. As “The End” pops up on-screen, a teasing question mark appears right after, suggesting that perhaps there’s more of this story still to come. After such a great season, I hope that’s true.

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