The Titan Games season 2, episode 6 recap – a Titan remains dominant best of the west

June 30, 2020
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The West Division comes to a close with more Dwayne Johnson fist-bumps than ever, and a highly impressive, dominant Titan who refuses to be unseated.

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The West Division comes to a close with more Dwayne Johnson fist-bumps than ever, and a highly impressive, dominant Titan who refuses to be unseated.

This recap of The Titan Games season 2, episode 6 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

And we’re back for the final round of the West Division — if the Rock can take a moment off from being an absurdly nice guy to everyone he encounters. Let’s meet the men: Wayne Skivington, an implausibly handsome Cirque du Soleil performer who grew up in England; now he’s a single dad to a really cute kid who he can’t talk about without tearing up. Taking him on is Robbie Rodriguez, a registered nurse, and a “fabulous gay man” — both his mothers are also nurses.

The first game is Nuts and Bolts. Wayne takes an early lead, but not a huge one. Wayne smartly only strips the gold weights from the bottom poles, but Robbie makes a move to the rope first. It’s neck and neck. Wayne wins by a fraction, but that’s probably the closest round of that game we’ve seen this season.

Time to meet the ladies of The Titan Games season 2, episode 6. First up, Lindsey Hamm, a mountain guide and rock climber who never goes to the gym, and Jamara Garrett, a gorgeous bank teller who wants to make her single mother proud. These two don’t have the same compelling backstories as the men this week, but they make for an interesting contrast nevertheless.

The game is Chain Linked, a game that pretty undeniably favors the rock climber, so it’s no surprise Lindsey takes an early lead. She loses some ground on the rope pull section, but her comfort during the last climb let’s her secure a (close) win.

Lunar Impact returns for the men’s second challenge. They get up the ladder at about the same time. Rhino Robbie seems very well-suited to this game. Wayne, though, bleeding shins and all, starts powering through, picking up a lead. Close to the edge, Robbie starts pushing back. But Wayne refuses to lose too much ground. He pushes through and wins the series 2-0.

The women square off for Kick Out. Lindsey is playing no games here (another task well-suited to her skill set). Very close to winning, Lindsey starts to gas, but she’s able to push through and win — another 2-0 series, though it’s worth noting if Jamara got through the first two pistons quicker she’d likely have taken an advantage when Lindsey faded.

Lindsey takes on Margaux on Mount Olympus. Margaux takes an early lead — Lindsey’s cardio seems questionable. Margaux reaches the ball and chain way ahead. It’s a comfortable win for the reigning Titan.

Wayne takes on Noah on Mount Olympus. Both men have some cuts and bruises. It’s very close but Noah is so impressive. Wayne, though, a little stronger, takes the lead. It’s close during the ball and chain as both men fall. They’re tied in digging out the relic! It’s Noah! Again!

The West Division closes out with another dominant performance from the reigning Titan.

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