Desperados review – the hopeless romantic saving face What you do for love.



We’ve seen it all before. But now and again, we require these films that allow us to sit back, relax and allow our brain to mellow.

Netflix film Desperados was released on the platform on July 3, 2020. This review of the romantic comedy contains no spoilers.

Have you ever sent a text you immediately regret sending? Desperados places a frantic, hopelessly romantic character in the fray who, while drunk with her friends, decides to send an offensive email to her new boyfriend who is in the hospital. The Netflix film sees Wes race against time to delete that email before her new love sees it, which involves going to Mexico and sneaking into his hotel room and grabbing his phone. The film has that Girls Trip vibe but is way softer in delivery.

Desperados is fun and easy to consume — it sells a trio of friends who do not take life seriously but Wes, centering the story, cannot believe she has not got her life figured out in her 30s — it’s that old adage of desperately wanting an ideal rather than patiently waiting for the moments to come. Desperados enjoys the prospect of sisterhood chemistry as the friends embark on an absurd journey to Mexico to save Wes’s blushes. It’s essentially a holiday, making the rom-com a typical paradise movie.

The gags are funny and while the progression of the story is predictable like any old rom-com, it sustains entertainment value by relying on the leads’ personalities. It dares to push the boundaries with the jokes, proving they should never be lost in comedy.

Desperados does nothing unprecedented for a rom-com film. We’ve seen it all before. But now and again, we require these films that allow us to sit back, relax and allow our brain to mellow — sometimes it’s nice to consume content that does not require us to think; this Netflix film is that film.

On a streaming weekend that is quieter than usual, Netflix’s Desperados is worth a shot — watch the hopeless romantic tread water, trying to save face from offensively stating her new boyfriend has a thin d*ck.

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