Our Top Marvel Picks for September 2020

July 6, 2020
Louie Fecou 0

Our top Marvel picks for September 2020 is our monthly preview series, in which we highlight some of the more noteworthy titles coming from Marvel in the near future. It has been on hiatus for obvious reasons (the last one was in May).

Comics are all over the place these days, and Marvel has released previews for September, but since DC has left the Diamond distribution company, there are no advanced previews just now for their material. However, for anyone still interested, here are some of the big titles for September, assuming we have not all shut down again by then.

X-Men: X of Swords is the big event for September with Krokoa facing its biggest challenge yet, as the heroes prepare to defend Earth; who will be the ten swordbearers that will answer the call?

Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard are at the helm of the storyline that will of course crossover with all the X titles. The lead-ins look set to be Excalibur #12, X-Men #12, and a one-shot Creation that has 72 pages, various variant covers, and probably the usual wasted pages featuring convoluted graphic images that Hickman continues to annoy readers with. There will also be a whole lot of great low priced reprints of some classic X titles that are always fun to flip through.

Iron Man gets another reboot too, with a new issue #1 by Christopher Cantwell. Tony Stark wants to get back to basics and an old enemy rears its head and he’s ready to face it head-on. Expect a pile of variants too.

The Green Goblin is making a return to Spider-Man and you can see the action unfold in issue #850 of his title. Writing by Nick Spencer and friends and art chores from Ryan Ottley and others, this will have a collection of other short stories as backups in the 96-page special that so far has 16 variant covers. Yep, 16.

Our Top Marvel Picks for September 2020The Rise of Ultraman is a 5 issue mini-series by Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom, Francesco Manna and Michael Cho. The United Science Patrol is on the lookout for Kaiju and their quest is about to drive them towards a decade-old secret. Classic pop culture revival on the way.

As you hit September, Empyre issue #6 will be on the shelves. There can only be one king of space and it will be the last liege standing. The FF and the Avengers soar towards the epic conclusion, with crossovers galore, including issue #1 of a new title, Immortal She-Hulk. Al Ewing is hoping to strike gold twice with this relaunch so I would advise grabbing a copy, have you seen how much Immortal Hulk back issues are getting on eBay?

Miniseries wise, look out for Shang Chi, five issues and Juggernaut, five issues. Marvel Zombies gets a 4-issue run with Resurrection by Philip Kennedy Johnson. Issues #1 and #2 are out in September.

All going well, the wheels should be in motion by now for a return to regular scheduling by Marvel, so most of your favourite titles should be up and running by now.

Fingers crossed.

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