The Titan Games season 2, episode 7 recap – is Noah unbeatable?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 7, 2020
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The Titan Games season 2, episode 7 recap - is Noah unbeatable?


The best of the West is decided in the regional finals, and high drama ensues as ever, but is one athlete unbeatable at this point?

This recap of The Titan Games season 2, episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s the regional finals to determine the best of the West, a pretty wide-open field at this point, so let’s start whittling them down. Here are the three men.

Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz is back after getting whooped his first time out; Exodus Rogers returns after an impressive outing; and acrobat Wayne Skivington rounds out the threesome.

The first game is Hammer Down. Exodus takes the lead, but Victor Cruz makes up some ground during the climb. When Exodus reaches for the chain, he falls! Big drama in this opening game as Cruz takes his opportunity. That leaves Wayne and Exodus head to head on the climb. But Wayne falls! And so does Exodus! Again! This is bonkers. Wayne finally makes it, which means Exodus is eliminated.

The ladies step up for the same game: Kelly Valdez, who briefly held the Titan mantle; Ninja Warrior champion Jessie Graff, who lost her first outing; and mountain climber Lindsey Hamm. A strong lineup for The Titan Games season 2, episode 7.

Jessie Graff takes the lead with an ambidextrous approach, but Kelly isn’t far behind. However, Jessie’s hilariously proficient at the climb, leaving Kelly and Lindsey behind. Kelly starts the climb first, but surely Lindsey has a climbing advantage given she’s, you know, a climber? Kelly’s lead is just a little too much, though, and she pulls the chain, eliminating Lindsey.

Victor Cruz and Wayne square off for Resistance, an endlessly entertaining game that I wish was in every round. It’s immediately close and competitive, but Wayne takes an early lead and Victor Cruz is too tired to bridge the gap. It’ll be Wayne taking on Noah again to determine the region’s male Titan.

Jessie and Kelly compete in Resistance. Jessie employs an unconventional strategy, shunting all the barrels into position using her body weight. But with them all in position she still can’t throw one out. Sudden Death looms, at which point it’ll become whoever tosses over one barrel first. But Kelly, with a second remaining, is able to toss one barrel over. She wins and she’ll return to Mount Olympus.

Wayne and Noah square off on Mount Olympus. Noah takes a sizeable early lead. Wayne is visibly injured. Noah wins comfortably as the Rock tries to motivate Wayne, but the ankle won’t hold. Noah caps off an extremely dominant run.

Kelly and Margaux rematch on Mount Olympus. It’s close! Very close. But it’s once again Chateau Margaux who secures the victory. We have our finalists for the championships.

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